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There are women who are looking for men for free

Just sign up for the site, browse the profiles of Italian women looking for men, and get in touch with the best of themI am a loving and caring person, sometimes strange, but in a positive way.

I am smart and considerate in many ways I am my ideal partner: beautiful, athletic body, smart, polite, caring, loving, loyal, strong, passionate.

Do not smoke under any circumstances, do not take drugs and the like. Dear Sirs, I ask you to read me before writing, so that I do not lose, you are not my own and do not belong to me. I was born in Ukraine, but I'm going to Italy. I am patient, but persistent. Out of nowhere, I managed to build my dream house in the village so that I could be in touch with nature.

I am looking for people who think outside the box, who do not rely on others, but who are able to understand what they need to be active.

I like to call myself an outsider. Mostly I am curious about nature and very passionate about people. For me, this is a passion and a desire for success. I am a simple, unbiased, easy and understandable person, I love to be loved and very hardworking.

I am honest and expect the same

I am a confident type and person.

I love traveling, I love nature and people. I'm a real cancer.

For me, the family is on the top.

My philosophy: No. My ideal partner. But he is my best friend, my lover, my husband. Between that and that. Most important characteristic. I am a very hardworking, attentive, loving and serious woman who is looking for a man about whom I will soon say more about medicine in private, I am a smart woman, an honest type, smart and caring. I am proud of my good qualities.

My most important success is marriage.

I can't live without love, and I can't live without us. He should be smart, kind, reliable and loving. If such koi are not important, he should be taller than me. He must be older than I am. I don't like him. Friendly, honest, funny, I love to travel and have traveled a lot. I have wonderful friends who are also friendly, honest, fun and a thesaurus. My ideal partner is young at heart and looks young. He is healthy and in good shape. He is honest and friendly and enjoys some things that I like. When I was a kid, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and thought like a child. When I became a man, I pretended to be a child. I am a very responsible girl and beautiful. I am very calm and always like to do something at the right time.

I want to be honest.

I don't like dis. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE PHYSICAL BODY AND COMFORT, EVERYONE NEEDS VERY RESPONSIBLE AND INTELLIGENT NEEDS OF A PERSON WHO IS HONEST AND WORTH LIVING. Despite my ability to live alone, I do not give up hope of meeting a noble and intelligent person who will come to make my life more interesting and give it more meaning.

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