Video tutorial"of the Swedish language from scratch: an Online lesson for those who does not know anything"

Why and who will be useful to Swedish

Difficult if heHow to say in Swedish"I love you". Is it true that in Sweden everyone speaks English. Where to begin if I in Swedish full zero. In my town there is not a single course and instructor, what to do. It only those questions which we receive daily. To answer them, and incidentally to show and tell how interesting and versatile Swedish language, we have recorded a video tutorial with a teacher, historian and linguist Julia Antonova-Anderson. The purpose of the tutorial to get acquainted with the Swedish language, its place among the Scandinavian languages, logic and sound lay the Foundation for further study. After registration you will receive access to personal account, where in the list of available courses will always display this video on Swedish language.

Will it help me in learning German

Even if you know nothing about Scandinavia, it doesn't matter.

This is a great opportunity to join the culture of the region and to expand their horizons teaches Swedish language is more regularly the case in Sweden, has produced several historical travel guides for Sweden and great pleasure to lead the tour. Creates and conducts courses in Swedish, and also talks about the Swedish mentality, traditional festivals and everyday culture. Lectures in Moscow bars and pubs.

Speakers, historians, philologists, historians, who can drive and spark to talk about the middle Ages, the Vikings and beyond.

Online courses with Humanities and language bias: the Scandinavian languages, Medieval studies, mythology, architecture and beyond.

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