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You do not need to register to participate in a video chat

You only need to observe how the guest uses the chat to log in to the social network accountAfter that, you will be able to use all the features of the app: virtual love, gifts, romance, stickers and transfer of personal belongings to girls.

The chat was created on a completely self-developing platform and is different from all the chats you have seen so far.

There is also an option to earn money in the chat

Designers have prepared a convenient and pleasant interface design for you, and programmers have prepared a wide range of functions that most of them do not achieve in other applications. The moderation service protects You from shocking videos and abusive messages and makes chatting pleasant and fun. If the live video is going to be popular with viewers, you can use it to earn virtual coins that you can spend however you like, or spend on apps or exchange for real money and get into your own wallet. With this, you can earn money even if you are offline, if you have the appropriate option enabled, the system will record your videos and lose them again in your room when you if you are offline, you will receive additional income. You can also earn money by simply inviting your friends to video chats.

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