Tourism in Italy. How to get acquainted with the hotel"Italian"for Russian tourists

You know that there are more Internet platforms

The ENIT report shows that the number of Russian tourists in Italy who have chosen hotels, including the Luxor segment, is growingAnd if you have visiting Russians, why don't you do the business of brand marketing towards the goal of Russian medium and high through the services that A. We start with the opportunity to familiarize the Russian audience with your real estate and services. For this purpose, we use brand marketing operations for tourism. We understand the uniqueness Of your property and the location where it is located, and we enjoy the desire to spend a holiday in Italy. We work to ensure that your hotel can be found in Russian search engines, for tourists using the Cyrillic keyboard.

Do you know that without a Cyrillic site, you will you will never be found by the user (in Russian).

Did you know that a site in Russian written in groups, the Internet platform most frequently used by a user of the Russian language, wherever it is located, gives you the opportunity to be tracked down. Therefore, the first important step is to talk to the Russian customer and be inserted into the channel of telematic Russian. For those who want to increase the number of tourists in Russia in their structure, A. carries out activities that benefit the structure of Italian hospitality.

By inserting"Rossiyane","Golosovali"and"Facebook"into social networks, promoting in a magazine intended for Russian tour operators, and being present in magazines published by airlines operating on the route Russia - Italy.

If something that has been reported and is of interest, you can contact us and request an evaluation.

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