The Swedish language: the best selection of resources for self-study

This is the eighth post on the good selection of language resources on the Internet (Links to the others will be opened in the next few days, This and subsequent posts is the fruit of collective wisdom of participants in the Spring and Summer marathon from the guys share really good, loved, existing and proven resources (and not just a certain set of URLs)So - (.), thank you my beloved Babylonians) Dear administrators language groups"of the Swedish video Dating", rastaskivat this article in your group, just please, don't forget to link to the website active. Thank you that you like what I do) And even cooler would be if you and a link to my group"the Swedish video Dating"will leave, as they say, you do not care, and I am pleased.) Subscribe to our newsletter and get a Check-sheet to help you determine how best to learn languages that you.

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