Swedish on Skype. Remotely Swedish, learning with a tutor

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If you are then You, like me, interested in the English languageAnd meet people whose interests coincide with yours, always a pleasure. It's spoken by about one million people, mostly residents of the Scandinavian Peninsula, where it is widespread. Also Swedish language the Autonomous åland Islands belong to Finland. Speaking about the structure of language, it can be noted that Sweden still has many different variations of the language, the so-called dialects, with signs of autonomy. Now allocate the main groups of dialects: a feature of phonetics is the presence of long and short sounds and syllabic balance. Individual students begin to learn the Swedish language, considering it is very beautiful, melodious sound. If we talk about grammar, in Swedish, in contrast to the Swedish language, male and female births are United in one genus. So kind, total and average. Also, a characteristic difference is the absence of cases.

Now the language school offering of the distance course learning Swedish via Skype - this is an advanced course and travel.

An advanced course designed for those wishing to learn Swedish as a second language, which will be needed in order for business communication or for moving to Sweden. Because currently, a significant part Scandinavian began to look at the Scandinavian countries where the standard of living, against the background of current changes in our country, the growth of unemployment, is much higher where there is stability and characteristic of all the Nordic countries the order of life.

Many of those who want to learn Swedish face a number of challenges - lack of necessary literature, and the inability to find an experienced tutor.

Although learning independently, we do not recommend, often people learning a foreign language, on their own experience further difficulties, for example with the pronunciation, because only an experienced tutor can time to correct the wrong pronunciation of sounds and words.

And if people have learned the wrong pronunciation, correct it is very difficult and often very problematic or impossible.

Also you should train with a tutor that has experience, that was not necessary, then resort to the help of a more experienced teacher.

Therefore, to save in a foreign language is not necessary, to use the services of a good tutor just it is necessary, though not constantly work with them, but at the initial level when you comprehend the basics of the language, it is necessary. Further, of course, you can own to learn the language, to improve your vocabulary, but under the periodic supervision of a teacher, then success in learning, correct pronunciation of words and sentence structure will be obvious. In school you will find experienced online tutor Swedish, which is easy to learn remotely Swedish in a short time, reaching the desired result.

Provide a wide range of textbooks, foreign educational literature, provide materials for zamisljeni that will contribute to a more rapid assimilation of the material.

In addition, You will be given a flexible schedule, the possibility of online lessons at any time, prior to rescheduling classes. Besides, distance learning is relatively cheaper, which allows you to save. Here, the time is paid to the formulation the correct pronunciation, then teaching reading and phonetics. In grammar the emphasis is on the construction of word order.

At this level is learning the basics of communicating on everyday topics.

This level will be as useful for people learning the basics of Swedish for travel to the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Good Day To You. I do not know any European language. My daughter lives in Sweden. Calling to visit with her. Many years ago at University, I studied French, but now completely forgotten. I really want to slowly learn Swedish. Thank you for your attention. I study in a gymnasium in Sweden and I need a teacher who would look over my spelling coursework. Contact me if You have any suggestions. I really want to learn Swedish in order to go to a ski resort for a long time. Sorry, do not know the language, but I will be glad to learn. Want to learn the Swedish language online. Knowledge necessary for communication at the household level. Classes times a week. Previously studied German at the Institute.

Would like to refresh their knowledge of the Swedish language, studied a very long time.

If possible, online. Frequency - times per week.

has a slight spread in Europe and throughout the world

Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Victoria welcome. I like the Swedish language. I once visited friends in Sweden and fell in love with this country. I'd like to live there. I have a friend in Sweden, but I have little to say. I know little of his speech. I would like to know how to build sentences. And to mold all in a heap. I could do twice a week.

Will be moving to Sweden, knowledge of the language is zero.

Would like to build the smallest possible database in Sweden. Classes are desirable in the evening or weekend times per week. Knowledge of the language is initial. I speak English and French. Classes are desirable in the evening or weekends, times a week. Live in Sweden year, you know, can not speak, she fluent in French and English that can advise. I would like to start classes. My level is elementary, I speak English and French. I started to study Swedish language in the group, and for some time individually. Now I am in Sweden, studying the language courses, but remotely, not in the group. I need the support of the teacher. times a week in the daytime. I want to start learning, My level of zero, having been in Stockholm for a year, know some phrases. Going to move to Sweden in a few months, so I want to speak at least conversational speech, reading. Waiting for a response, Thank you. I really want to start learning Swedish via Skype. Speak a little and understand, but in principle the zero level.

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