Swedish language Swedish language software

We all have our own causes for language learning

In the present tense Swedish verbs do not conjugate by personThis means that the verb remains the same for I, you, he, they etc. the Most common in the world of CD-ROM with the program of courses in the Swedish language for beginners, used by thousands of people every day around the globe. It is ideal for tourists, business people, students and families.

You can download a workbook in the Swedish language

Everyone who is older than years will find this program useful for the development of listening and speaking.

The software is designed so that users have fun while learning the language. We want our site was perfect, and"perfect"means"having no errors in tongues."Help us to do this, and we will give you the opportunity to take a course Swedish. Just read this page and send us corrections to any spelling errors or typos if You find them on this page. You can contact us by clicking 'Contact' in the menu bar above. We all have our own reasons for learning the Swedish language. Different workbooks are available for free every week.

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