Swedish language on Skype

Primarily thefts occur from may to September

According to statistics, every year in Sweden"gone"about bikes

During this period kidnapped in the middle of the bike on the day.

If we compare the number of cyclists in the country with a number of thefts, approximately every Swede every year suffer from theft. Put protective locks and learn the language. Wish you never Our today's post is for those who love to hold the camera.

Protect nerves and their little iron friends

Please have a look at the website. Here you will find photos inspiration, pump their photo-creativity, meet other photographers and, of course, you will learn many new Swedish words. At the beginning of each week, the organizers of the site are set a certain theme for your photos. And on Sunday, all participants post their photo interpretation of this theme Dear students of the Swedish language.

They have nothing to buy and the Bank will not put.

After August of the year will redeem the invalid banknotes for an administration fee of SEK. But it is better not to postpone at the last moment, if you are afraid to lose, and to win you hardly dare.

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