Lucia is part of the Christmas advent season

The feast of StYoung Christian Lucia lived in the end of the century Syracuse, and was martyred during the Great persecution of the Emperor Diocletian on Christians. The summer issue of the residents of the Swedish capital is simple: to the East of Stockholm stretches of the same name, Stockholm, the archipelago is nothing short of thousands of Islands with beautiful cliffs, summer cottages, resorts and excellent sandy beaches. The photo, which Golden faceted egg stands among snow-covered tundra, similar to the first frame of the space Thriller about the umpteenth time descended on the Earth of alien scum. I moved to Sweden years ago, and where my son was born, who is now almost four. My family was not physical punishment, and I'd never hit a child. But still was surprised when I found out that in Sweden corporal punishment is prohibited by law from years.

What can you say about Sweden.

It is necessary to visit, to see, to feel. Well, how to describe a country which extends to the North of the circle. Or where people are walking around with a smile on my face the streets.

Increasingly, I notice that setting it in Swedish

Or where in the capital you can own in the channel to catch fish. Of course, impossible to cover everything, but some of the information you can get right now. Therefore, the Sweden currency of Sweden, Krona, equal to era. Banknotes are issued in the denomination, and crowns, and coins in the era, and crowns. Restrictions on imports of Swedish and foreign currency in the country does not exist. Banks are open from: to: Monday through Friday, and from: to: in,"Saab", Greta Garbo, Nobel, IKEA, Ingmar Bergman Turns in the game"What I know about Swedes,"the list goes on to infinity. Feel Carlson is the easiest climbing on the roofs of Stockholm in a Gala Mill the Old town where there are no residential buildings here, for work or just admire the architecture. Camping on the roofs can be arranged professional mountain guides and climbers, which will provide homeland of the Vikings, and now, with the ratings of many companies, this country, is one of the cleanest countries in the world and also one of the best of life. Sweden and its nature is breathtaking. We present you interesting facts about Sweden: the Fact: the Population of Sweden is million people. The urban population of Sweden is almost. Fact: the Popular One of the most important design flea market in Western Europe held in February at the design Week in Stockholm. She attracts the most renowned architects, designers and journalists from leading magazines. In the city arrives also those who are simply interested in design and a passion for exquisite things. They know what they are doing: in recent years, Stockholm has become an important center of world design, in fact, is the Museum under the open sky, stylized as an ancient settlement of ancient warriors. You can come here any day, and even if you want to stay.

Beginners emit traditional clothes, place.

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