Sweden is among the ten most happy countries in the world

It is the third largest country in the EU by size of territory, after France and SpainIn terms of human development Sweden ranks second in the EU, and in the ranking of countries with the best reputation - first in the world. Only from more than languages in the world have more people who speak these languages. Therefore, the Swedish refers to a large language group. Is the official language of Sweden, Finland and åland. The Swedish language belongs to the Germanic language group, so it will be fairly easy to learn to people who speak English or German. And knowing Swedish, easy to learn Norwegian and Danish. According to a study of the Swedish language in Belarus of respondents speak the first foreign language and choose Swedish as a second language.

But even if you don't speak a foreign language in General, the master Swedish as the only foreign not only possible but also very accessible and easy.

Knowledge of the Swedish language gives an advantage to study in Sweden, study visits to Sweden and participation in international projects in Sweden. For example, respondents received scholarships to study in Sweden according to the research of the Swedish language in Belarus, which was held in the Center All students are eligible to participate in the programs and grants of the Swedish Institute and the Royal enterprises Contact with Sweden. In a year the Centre for Swedish studies was established thanks to the support of the Swedish Institute, and to this day, the Institute remains one of the main partners of the Centre. In addition to supporting the learning of the Swedish language, Belarusians offers many opportunities to study for FREE in Sweden for both Swedish and English, and conduct research in Sweden. In English is: master and PhD studies in Sweden master in management program, summer Academy for young professionals global leaders, the visits of Swedish scientists and specialists (part) and others.

It is spoken by more than million people

Swedish summer Swedish language courses, short-term research stay, courses and conferences for teachers of Swedish, and others. After receiving scholarships to continue their ties with Sweden and to implement their own projects related to Sweden in Belarus through the network. More about this at: I.

in Addition to the Swedish Institute support for learning Swedish outside of Sweden deals with the Royal Association of the Contact with Sweden.

The Union, in contrast, provides scholarships and offers courses to those who learn Swedish at non-academic level (not in Universities). This is a paid summer course in Swedish: the week on the beautiful island, for Belarusians possible discounts (check with Centre) and the free semester program of study Swedish in Sweden. The Association also collects memorabilia about Sweden around the world, send from Belarus. More about here: A Swedish Universities are partners. This is a program to exchange students in universities of the European Union. List all educational institutions you can find on the website. The program pays for the accommodation, training and administrative costs, and the cost of the flight.

Swedish universities also provide an opportunity for foreign students to participate in the contest for the scholarship program.

For example, such programs provided at the University Institute of Technology University, Royal Institute of technology.

In Sweden, provided wages while studying in graduate school under a labour contract.

For research, and sometimes teaching, University of Sweden pays - euros per month, and provides a graduate student benefits package.

This consultation on education in Sweden is free. The centre offers unique in Belarus the opportunity to take an international test in Swedish. The test is recognized by all universities in Sweden as a confirmation of knowledge Swedish. Knowledge of Swedish opens new opportunities for work. According to a study of the Swedish language in Belarus, the respondents use Swedish at work, respondents knowledge of the Swedish language is mandatory in employment, respondents knowledge of the Swedish language provided an advantage for employment. You say, all speak English. Indeed, finding information about Sweden and to communicate with the Swedes in English, but often their own (our) and their proficiency levels are insufficient to conduct full-fledged communication. If you do not speak the Swedish language, and with it the peculiarities of the mentality of the Swedes, you would be very difficult to find an approach to them. -Knowledge of Swedish is an opportunity for those who want to study the Scandinavian culture and traditions, to travel and to read in the original Swedish books. once a month the Center hosts meetings with interesting people and outstanding representatives of the Swedish culture. it the official portal of Sweden. There you can find all the information You need about Sweden: from General information about Swedish society to the issues of Economics and politics, news, cultural life and current events.

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