Support for projektinitiering in the Baltic sea region Swedish institute

More workshops will be arranged in other places in Sweden

The Swedish institute is working to strengthen Sweden's relations and develop co-operation with the countries around the Baltic sea and in our neighborhoodYou represent a Swedish organization, can apply for support from the Swedish institute to collaborate with organisations in the countries around the Baltic sea, and Russia and the countries in the EU's Eastern partnership. The project activities that the Swedish the institute supports in the form of aid Projektinitiering should have a clear link to one or a few of the challenges identified in the EU strategy for the Baltic sea region.

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A project that contains the countries within EU's Eastern partnership should also relate to this framework. The projects shall also contribute to creating conditions for long-term and sustainable relationships in the Baltic sea region. Workshop on how to seek project financing During december and January, the Swedish institute is arranging workshops for you, if you intend to seek financing in the call for Projektinitiering in the Baltic sea region. The workshop is addressed to you who is the main applicant to the Swedish actor and will focus on how you identify what changes and developments you want to achieve with your project, which should be included in a partnership and how the project could strengthen your regular activities. It comes with other words to provide the tools needed to formulate a good application. The first workshop will be arranged december in Stockholm, sweden. Stockholm, sweden: Sign up here to workshopdecember in Stockholm (last december). Umeå, sweden: Sign up here to workshopdecember in Umeå (last december) Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email with a registration number. If you have problems submitting your application through the ansökningsportalen, you must notify us on e-mail sisa before the deadline d.v.p. before there is a February. This site uses cookies. A cookie, stored on your device in order to provide you with a better experience of the website. If you want more information, read about how we use cookies and our privacy policy the Website is built to be accessible and usable for as many people as possible. We will also protect your privacy when you contact us.

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