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Incredibly fast ad indexing makes It a higher priority for ads. Today's introductory presentation in Your topic will only provide A search that is not A potential decomposition of the Site buyers de-index on The day of publication in All search engines at the Same time. The most intimate th anniversary Of the victory In the Great Patriotic war anniversary-anniversary, Hello again.May -the beginning of a Story in the life of Each of us. On this day, there is Great joy and pride for The success of the glorious Generation of our people, the Heroes who did not spare, Defended their Homeland and saved Europe from fascism.

We will keep our memory In our hearts forever linked To their courage, dedication to Their duties and love for The Motherland.

Scientists have found a weak spot

How to stop the coronavirus.

Chinese experts have found the Weak point of the coronavirus, Chinese scientists are very sensitive To high temperature, close to The high peak of diseases temperature.

Mass events are prohibited in Moscow due to COVID- or Other political distribution of traffic To our country.

Rospotrebnadzor is asked to refrain From public use and walking In the transport and shopping And entertainment center during peak hours.

After a sharp weakening of The Russian ruble for currency exchange.

This trend has attracted the Attention of newspaper and television outlets. Several banks said that citizens Are actively reassuring the dollar And Euro in recent days, As before, during periods of Devaluation, it often radically moved In the opposite direction. The trend can be confirmed, And this was achieved due To the fact that some Banks have exhausted their ruble Reserves of reserves. Details-Gregorio Kolganova.

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