Straightens your images and the always-clear

Whatever the reason, we can help you

Whether you are creating a collage of images or a beautiful journal, every aspect of the design is importantTo get the best results is counted each detail: look in the margins on the design, kerning, and the images are straight. With the Canvas, rotate your photos up to the horizon to be perfectly in line with the image (who said possessive?) it is very easy. Although it seems as if you took the pictures in a rush or if not made the context perfectly, it is very easy to rotate the images using the tools in Canvas. Need you to design and edit images from a mobile device? Download our free app for the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices from the App Store or Google Play Store. Why stop the good pictures that come out wrong? Photographs can leave the stump of the many reasons. Maybe scanned you a old photo without adjusting it's good on the glass, or it may be that your father took some photos of touristy. Thanks to our practical verktygsrotation and our useful guides and rules, you will be able to see that your images are lined up perfectly with the other photos, text and design elements. Upload the photo you want to straighten it out and drop it in your design.

Select the picture and then hold and drag the rotationsankaret below the photo.

Continue pulling until your photo is straight. We'll show you how many degrees you have rotated. Do you want to have an exact rotation? Each degree of rotation will the photograph be temporarily fixed in location, so that they are always in perfect focus. Do you want accuracy? Search for"rule"in our image library and drag a tape measure with an extensible and scalable to your design. Use the ruler to align the image with other design elements, or to draw reference lines in the other images. Then drag the anchor to the rotation of the photo chica until it is right.

When you are finished, you can delete the rule, you will wait in the library of images the next time you need it.

Straighten images could not be easier

When you have mastered the r├Ątningen of the images, test the other ways to use rotationsverktyget. Rotationsverktyget serves to straighten out the pictures, but you can also rotate them artistically. Make sure that your images have the typical vinkelfilmen Dutch and out a little. This choice is shattering and atypical, will help to attract the viewer's gaze. Experiment with different angles and framing until you get a tilt of peculiar and striking. After straightening distorted a photo, you can always go back and give it another spin. But if you want a permanent result, so you only need to straighten the photo and then download the design. First, create a new project with some custom dimensions that are of similar size as in the picture chic. Then drop your photo in the design and use rotationsverktyget to straighten it out. Adjusts the size of the photo so that it exceeds by four edges and download the design in PDF format to complete. You now have a new version straightened and cropped your photo, you can use it at any place.

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