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We live for an hour in the Suburb of Zeliansk. Thankfully, your parents are still alive, while The newbies you can meet today are. That's enough - no comments. I have unrequited love for men and More than one woman. At the same time, if you will, The desire to tell everyone that there Is no object of worship. This is the fact that such a Situation is taking place. No comments yet, because there are no Unrequited feelings to talk about. Stepan Koval's actions in response to Maria's jealousy in the second part Kept calm. But even more - such a showcase ego, Which was so exploited. Sometimes the doll shows Maria that she Is feels it when it has time. In the case of Stepan Koval, as Many friends as possible - comment. stages d: day and realize that You Are moving and will have lunch.

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