Secret meetings for married men. A woman for free and non-binding relationships

Just finding a person here is not so easy

If they decide to record their relationship or live together, unless they think that burning love will take place once and will be replaced by boredom, routine, fatigue, irritationAll these feelings one day begin to reject the person who has recently time was the real ideal, and in this mode there is absolutely nothing that does not lead to rejection. What happens when a loved one is not attracted physically or emotionally? Maybe it's time to break up with him, but it's not always possible. Nothing like a mortgage or a borrowed car regulates marriage. But seriously, not every disorder in the family needs to be solved by radical methods.

Sometimes it is enough to have secret meetings to try the fire in the soul again.

A mistress or mistress helps better than any glue to break family ties. This is risky, because sooner or later the second half will realize that they do not only have common interests with their best friend, the husband. This is why it is best for married men to speak outside the circle in meetings. Some resources are focused only on non-free users, who are easy to find for the role of a girl's lover. Yes, and a woman who has a job on her hands who to see. So that a gentleman can have secrets that weigh a lot more than a man. He has more than a close circle of friends. You don't have a secret relationship at work, much less on the street. But there is only one thing on the Internet for this. Not a bad option. Most people don't go beyond virtual novels. It's safer and somewhat more honest, because it's not as far away as physical betrayal.

Although you can place a bet on this topic: worse than emotional or physical betrayal.

But in this important issue, it is as if the spouses themselves set boundaries.

For some, the physical connection is not so important, especially for the heart, the other half of which belonged only to the husband or wife.

And secret meetings are not taken seriously. For others, this can only be regarded as a betrayal, and flirting on the side, a heart-to-heart conversation with others, is not taken seriously.

If secret communication is something for which you are willing to risk a relationship with a loved one, then this the first thing you will understand is your feelings.

What you lack in a woman.

What aspects should be studied.

For married women, it is difficult to find an answer to this question.

Among friends, the ideal candidate is hard to find

Often the partner has many positive qualities, but they have become invisible after many years of marriage.

And on the first floor, there are annoying habits or character traits.

Unconsciously, we are committed to the ideal that they themselves define. But, as you know, no one is perfect. So leave your husband at home with his flaws, but so dear and familiar. And as a lover, you will find what your regular partner lacks. If the wife complains, choose a lover, a young woman. If the husband is not careful, and everything in bed is boring and banal, looking for a passionate lover, then a date with whom will become a sexual experiment. Considering that Dating is for married women, and for men - it is the absence in this situation. Any psychology book will tell you that before you take the final step, you should try to change the existing ones relationships. But in fact, these speeches don't lead to anything good, these speeches don't lead to anything good. Try explaining to my wife that he no longer includes his wife as a woman. Or to prove to a person that in addition to watching endless games on TV, there are also the most interesting activities. You will hardly hear them. But in the second half, it is much easier to report shortcomings if you have positive emotions on the side. When a person is happy, he is ready to close his eyes to many annoying factors. Paradoxically, Dating for married men leads to them valuing their family more.

Every normal person feels guilty about his wife.

So when she returns home to her lover, she first tries to make amends for the crime she has committed.

You pay more attention to your loved ones and children. Many women notice that something is wrong. After all, before the husband's gifts, you could only get gifts in March and on your birthday. And recently do not skimp on them and try to satisfy them. The most demanding wife quickly realizes that the error of all secret communication on the site. But men love sets of games, harmful spyware, any suspicion of betrayal of the spouse, will be to the last and will swear love and fidelity, and even under torture will not find out in the presence of a lover. A smart woman will turn the situation to her advantage and turn a blind eye to adulterous jokes. When you marry an attractive, rich and simple man, you should understand that there is always a Curling of bridesmaids around him, ready to wish someone else. It is important to remember that a rare man eventually leaves the family. Most of them prefer to vary only small adventures on a weekday, but they will not leave the family for the most beautiful lover. Dating for married and married people can ignite the fire of passion that is being extinguished in the family. But it is unlikely to burn forever. After she received positive emotions from her a lover, a man who wants to return to his family. If the wife agrees with the rules of the game, she usually finds herself in a love triangle to determine the love triangle.

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