School of Swedish for immigrants, Education for adults in Sweden

I want to present you today one of the Swedish schools

Hello, dear viewersAt the moment I study there. The school is called, is"knowledge". Unfortunately, I was not allowed to shoot video because of security, because they are responsible for people safety, so that no one enters the chamber, many people didn't want to get into the camera.

As you learn, just today, the last day, and I finished it

But I was allowed to take some photos and I'll show you. What is different, and will show about the environment here, if I may say so. And I managed to do an interview with the rector.

I hope it will be very interesting.

I asked some important questions. In General, begin with pictures and continue the interview. Actually, let's start with the corridor of the corridor. Everything is neat, clean. Then there is hall. There in the back of the shelves with books, the books free to take, read and return. All of the students. Then there is the room in the hallway is often noisy, people walk, this room is equipped with soundproofing, and it's quiet, peaceful, can do to you no one interfered. It is usually always open. Also, all schools are equipped with computers, the computers connected to the Internet, unable to sit, to do. So, this Board, often posted on school.

There are also ads can buy, sell their books, used books to save some penny.

Also, all schools are equipped with devices - tea, coffee, chocolates, burgers, some appetizers are small, a bite to eat. In every school there are tables in Sweden is very developed, not that developed, and many people carry food in plastic containers. Here it is normal, no one is embarrassed, usually all bring food and eat during the breaks, the pauses. There is a microwave to heat food, a refrigerator, there are kettles with water. All the conditions. We now turn to our second part of the video, the interview. In school, in fact, nothing more to tell. Nice view of the interview.

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