Registration the university of Lund

Take carefully out what applies for your training

You must be registered on the training to be able to participate in teaching and examinationRegistration is also a prerequisite to get student loans from the CSN. Every night is an automatic transmission with registered students from the Barns to the CSN, which serves as the basis for your payout. In connection with the start of the course, you will receive information from the institution you are going to study about how you can register. For courses with web registration opens registration is usually one week before the start of the course. Below are also general information about registration as a student at Lund university.

You must register each semester

If you are not a registered user, you risk losing your spot! You sign up the easiest way on the web, in The portal, when your institution is open for web registration.

In order to be able to register in the Student portal, you must have a student account.

Your student account is created some days after you received the second notification of admission. When the account is created, sent e-mail about how to activate your student account to the email address you entered when you made your application to the university of Lund. When you activate your account, you use the same inloggningskälla that you used when you signed up for Admission.see. You should continue studying on your study programme or a stand-alone course and have an active student account, register in the Student portal. You can register on the program or courses you are accepted to and see your past registrations. Please refer to your institution if you have problems with the registration, or if there is any confusion regarding your data displayed. If you cancel your studies after you have registered you you must notify this. Do you retreat within three weeks from the start of the course so you add in the break in the Student portal. If you want to cancel a course after three weeks so you must inform your department.

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