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Today she said that she has not succeeded

The centre party leader Annie Lööf has not succeeded in forming a new governmentShe has had a week. In the future, all marriage with children is illegal in Sweden. Even if they were married already when they came to Sweden. The EU court of justice says no to snuff in other countries. Only Sweden is allowed to sell snus. No other countries in the European Union, the EU. Many people in Sweden are practicing for a bit. Almost half of the swedes are of poor condition.

It says researchers at Gymnastics and held in Stockholm, sweden.

Sweden won an important football game yesterday evening. Sweden's national team won against Russia, with.

The profits that Sweden gets extra chance to play in the CHAMPIONSHIP.

There is a great shortage of teachers in Sweden. It means that some schools may not have the teaching in some subjects. Authority the department for Education thinks that schools should have more digital lessons, via the internet. When can a teacher have a lesson with students in several cities at the same time. It is full of Sweden's prisons. Therefore, should more criminals get a different punishment than prison. For example, to have an electronic tag.

It seems to Correctional manager.

No one may be married with a child

Two teenage boys are suspected of murder.

The prosecutor says that they have beaten to death a homeless man in Huskvarna, sweden. Several hundred people protested against the use of lethal force in Sweden yesterday. They gathered at Sergels torg in Stockholm. It was the mothers who arranged the manifestation. Their sons have been shot to death. Asylum seekers are not allowed to stay in Sweden can get money to go home.

The grant is called the support.

This year, almost people received the grant.

People in Sweden are good at recycling the packaging.

Last year recycled more packages than in previous years. It says the authority, the environmental protection agency. It is often very cloudy weather in november in Sweden. Many say that it is a gray month. This year has been unusually a little sun. The september elections in Sweden. Here you can read all the news about the election.

Who gets to vote in elections in Sweden? How do you do when it is time to vote? Radio Sweden on easy Swedish explains how the election works.

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