Photos and videos of Sweden in the gallery

The craze of Sweden is born in childhood, among driven by reading books by Astrid Lindgren and Selma lagerlöfLooking at the beautiful photos of Sweden in reputable publications for travelers, we are ready to believe that over the gabled roofs, the neat half-timbered houses here-here will fly by Carlson with an armful of fragrant buns. In his youth our imagination owns clockwork video Sweden, cheering their new heroes, and, in adulthood, owning a family, we carefully eyeing the photo of resorts of Sweden, noting with pleasure the friendliness of the country children not only in words but in deeds. Happy faces of children frolicking in the game towns away from the endless odergivaniya modern Bok, can't lie: the strained smile the prerogative of adults. But if in a closed circle of household chores you are overcome with boredom, photos and videos of Sweden in the ski season will warm the blood of the passion of molodechestva and victory over the elements. So what's the real Sweden, wandering in a mirror maze of thousands of professional lenses.

Put down the guidebook and get ready the journey on the routes of wild geese, sheltered Niels: even the best photos of the sights of Sweden, do not pass a pulse of life magic Kingdom, the hidden multiple layers of advertising gloss.

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