Old mobile phones creates a big problem Nature in Sweden

Each year, sold four million mobile phones in Sweden

Manufacturers are required by law to see old mobiles are recycled in the right way in SwedenBut are sold each year, hundreds of thousands of inbytesmobiler abroad and then lose the manufacturers control over what happens. Nature in sweden has given out on the hunt for your old mobile phone. This is despite the fact that the percent of the population already owns at least one mobile phone. The swedes are among the keenest in the world to switch to the latest model. Many people give their old mobile to the kids, but most of us have at least one or more old phones lying at home in a drawer.

Telenor has collected old phones the longest

According to the law, producers shall be responsible for ensuring that the mobiles are recycled in a proper way.

In Sweden, waste management, managed by El-kretsen is a non-profit company, in which all manufacturers are members. This picked the mobiles break in a safe manner and the metals that can be re-used are recycled.

Because producers pay a fee for each mobile phone that the electric circuit recovers, the manufacturers have themselves no interest in old mobiles end up there.

So where do they go? The answer is that the four largest mobile operators in Sweden a couple of years ago offers its customers to submit their old cell phone when purchasing a new one. It is entirely customer-driven.

Most of the phones we collect are so new that they clearly have a value in the secondary market,"says Magdalena Aspegren, who is director of sustainability at Telenor.

In total, the company has collected more than half a million mobile phones ago. Telia collected mobile phones. Three have gathered in mobiles since the start of the end of and Tele significantly more, even if the figure is secret. The mobile operators have been criticised for that in this way increase the prylhetsen. In addition, our review that no one knows where they collected the phones, take the road in the end. Mobile operators use contractors as it cleans phone of old information and repairs them before they are resold on the the european market. The main companies called Brightstar, Nests, and Komodo. Mobile operators imposes certain requirements on its subcontractors. Telenor has, for example, a code of conduct for its suppliers called the Supplik Chai.

But to track exactly where each of the submitted mobile phone takes the road in the end is not possible, because a large part of the phones ports abroad.

- Recycling is good, but no one in Sweden want to have second-hand phones, we want to change. For the phones should be for reuse, they must be sent to another country, and then you lose control,"says Mårten Sundin, marketing manager for El-kretsen. Brightstar is one of the world's largest companies in the industry and takes care of the phones collected by vodafone and Three. - We have requirements on those who purchase and requirements on those who they are selling to that it should be ethical and environmental partners,"says David Roos, head of Brightstar. - In our case it is a pretty small portion that comes back to Sweden. Insurance companies are the largest customer in the market. Brightstar has its facility in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm. per cent of the phones can be reused, and the percent that are scrapped are handled in Sweden by the Swedish subcontractors, as Ragn-Sells and Stena Metall. Jörgen Berg, who is the ceo of Nests, Nordics, who has his workshop in Estonia, says that the company takes care of the between and mobile phones in a month. percent comes from the mobile operators. per cent of the phones sold in Europe, but the percent is sold to other countries, such as India and Kenya, where some older phones still have a value on the secondary market. - If you look at the effect of being able to use the phone one more time before it is scrapped, it is a huge environmental benefit. If you throw a cell phone in the wrong way, it has quite a large impact on the environment. But we can in some cases use some of the parts as spare parts, or at least scrap it in a proper way,"says Jörgen Berg. Telenor hires also the company's Komodo as a subcontractor, but the company does not want to answer a few questions from Sweden's Nature on how the cooperation looks like or how many phones they are dealing with. Many of the old mobile phones are thus the first in Europe. Figures from statistics SWEDEN show that Sweden every year export tonnes of mobiles for Europe. There are rules for how end-of-life mobile phones should be handled in the EU. But Interpol says that the control is poor and that the percent of the escort ends up in the illegal flows. Not rarely ends up end-of-life mobile phones in the hands of child labourers in developing countries who picks apart the phone without any protective equipment and where heavy metals and other environmental toxins leak out into the wild. Many old phones the ports of India, where the Nests, selling some of the used English phones. - It is a huge problem both for the environment and human health,"says Satis Their organization Toxin Link that cooperates with the Swedish society for nature conservation. India has laws regulating the recycling of mobile phones. Although there is a percentage of the recovery illegal.

- People who work with the mobiles does not have access to the right technology, training, or protective equipment.

For environmental reasons, said the government of India, therefore, recently no to Apple who wanted to start a business for resale of old phones in the country. - We have enough phones and people are buying them.

But because it is more expensive to recycle phones in rich countries want companies like to send in old phones.

To send the old cheap phones to India does no good but only create new problems,"says Satis Its. - To increase the amount of waste in developing countries is not fair, you should take care of these phones themselves. According to Telenor's Magdalena Aspegren is the most important issue to work with the attitude changes so that customers can think of to keep their phones longer. She also calls for more phones that are built so that it is possible to replace parts yourself without having to replace the entire phone. And you should have a truly circular economy, where it collects and ensure that the phones do not end up in landfills, we need global deposit system. Each phone has a unique ID number so it would be able to track it and a deposit would provide an incentive to the finally submitted for recycling in a safe way. Consider an extra time if you really need the latest model, or on your phone, go to use for a while. Set requirements on the one you buy your mobile phone off - if everyone asks where the old phone is the way, the requirements on suppliers to require subcontractors to increase. When your phone is really old and no longer in use, it shall be submitted to the municipal recycling center.

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