Nordic sites (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

I came across a list of Scandinavian Dating sites

Also deleted messages indiscriminately decry sites, for example: Yes, there are some assholes on this site no good, and the site unfair methods of working, All agencies - cheats, I was there the day went and have no regretsNever recorded, only looked at the main page. In General, we decided to fight with his head. Tired of talkers and liars, I will choose myself who I want, and who don't want - into the woods without regret the one time I was hanging out on the site. There Scandinavians the sea, though for some reason there wormed grandfather of Paraguay.

Maybe some already wrote, so I will repeat

Try it, I really quickly threw, found a common language with them. register with its counterpart in Sweden. Registration is free, to view the questionnaires. Interests and letters cost money right from the first day. Website focus, but created by the type of social network, the profile cannot be deleted, there is no such option, rather it is, but it seems available to those who pay, photo, true can be removed. On requesting them to remove the questionnaire administration does not react. Full of elderly gentlemen who did not mind the difference in years, infinitely adds to friends, and send the first letter a couple of sentences from the weather, in General, as young men Website not worth the time spent, but perhaps that's because the site is new and is the same person that, in my opinion, this is one bench. Now it is checked in, answered a bunch of questions in Norwegian, but I do not understand how to look at my profile where they add photos, I can not tell, in the questionnaire there.

Catherine, if your the form from the website will not be removed after ten days, you, please, write here.

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