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The Swedish edition is closed APR

Dear listeners, visitors to our site in the Internet and groups on Facebook IThank you all for your attention, for comments, for your activity and interactivity. Today March of the year we say goodbye to you after almost years of broadcasting. As You know, the Swedish radio has taken a sad for us and for many of You, our listeners, readers, the decision to close the broadcasting, i.e. broadcasting from Sweden to foreign countries and, accordingly, to close the two latest versions, which is broadcasting, albeit via the Internet were: German and Swedish.

Our last working day of March of the year

Mar years our editorial team says goodbye to the audience."Little goodbye"when switching radio on Internet broadcasting already. And the final show is on. Then there were six of us, the Swedish edition is a part of the Radio Sweden - news in eight languages, which, in turn, is part of the Swedish broadcasting Corporation radio (abbr.). Financed, like all contributions for the TV, they are required to pay all residents that use the TV for watching TV.

All Swedish radio and Radio Sweden in particular, is, ie, public service broadcasting, non-commercial radio, where advertising is prohibited.

We are not in a position to either one of the conflicting parties, but reflected existing in Sweden the views and opinions. News about Sweden and Sweden is intended primarily for a Swedish audience outside of Sweden. Read more about the closure of the Swedish edition is available here:.

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