My beautiful history of love for the Swedish

We started writing to each other in the end, but already in February he became too busy to continue writing to meI lacked his letters so clearly and I wanted to find out what happened in his life. So I started reading his blog that he wrote in English and Portuguese. I had no other choice than to translate everything from English and from Portuguese. Then I got myself a new pen pal who was a belarusian, but he inspired me very much: his skills were more basic than mine and in a way, we started a competition: who can English better.

A year later he confessed that I was able to Swedish better than he is but I do think, however, that we were even.

In that year I met a great many swedes, and began to talk fluent Swedish. I managed to get a scholarship, ”Summer courses in English” from the Swedish Institute and studied the language intensively for two weeks with other students. It was fun! Soon after that came the several swedes to my city, and I happened to be dating one of them also But that is another story.

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