Marriage in Sweden: how to marry a Swede

And that generally represent the Swedes

Sweden primarily is a country of strong, calm and confident menThis Scandinavian state will not name a popular tourist destination, and its main asset is the people. And, it should be noted that the state agencies are doing everything to the local population lived well.

The General standard of living and social guarantees are among the highest in the world.

All these factors make marriage in Sweden a very attractive option for lonely girls. But won't joint life is impossible the difference of mentalities. Now try to understand. About the inhabitants of the Nordic countries there are a lot of stereotypes. They are supposedly without emotional and difficult to communicate.

Indeed, the Danes, Finns and Swedes can seem much more peaceful than we are accustomed to think about them, especially when compared with other Europeans.

The Italians and Spaniards compared to them - just a never-ending fountain of emotions. However, the same Swedes in any way it is impossible to name absolutely not adapted to communication. It's the opposite. This is particularly clearly manifested in their behavior in a romantic relationship. The Swede always coming to him with the characteristic of this nation meticulousness and seriousness. If You are not satisfied with something in your life together - don't be afraid to tell him.

Because of this they are very organized and punctual

The Swede will always meet You and will do everything possible to somehow improve the situation.

This all Swedes - even to such a delicate matter as love, they try to approach the most clearly and rationally.

You can call them pedantic, they prefer to do everything on schedule.

Planning - one of the favorite activities of most Swedes.

Swedish family (for God's sake, stop discriminate against this term, it will exist only in the fantasies of the inhabitants of the countries of the former USSR) in most cases is not married officially.

Often couples live in civil marriage, only here it's called a bit different and quite officially lies in the local municipality.

That is, it has the same legal force as customary marriage. Prefer it to the Swedes because such kind of relations it is much easier to dissolve (divorce married is very expensive and time-consuming), while everyone remains at his - no"joint property", this type of relationship does not provide. The attitude to this type of marriage is serious - many years living in perfect harmony and not think about what we could"really". Family obligations in Sweden are distributed between the husband and wife equally - one does what one can. For example, a man will never shirk the opportunity to sit down with the child. There are cases when the wife works and the husband together with his friends and their kids walking somewhere in the Park or riding pants in the sandbox. In Sweden it is normal practice. Children in local families independent extended care Swedish culture does not provide. Most often, the child lives with his parents-and then tries to move down on removable apartment.

This does not mean a complete severance of relations, but regularly appearing with a request to give money to the young man, most likely, will not.

The state Sweden is doing everything possible to conveniently lived not only local residents but also visitors who, for example, wants to marry a Swede.

For example, newcomers who are going into marriage to stay in the country for a long time, have the opportunity to attend free courses in the Swedish language. In addition to these courses even provided a small stipend for especially distinguished.

However, at first You will only need it here understand the absolute most.

Large taxes paid by the Swedish people, are not in vain. This is evidenced by the local social protection system. Free of medicine even will not talk - it is commonplace for most countries of the Old world. Education (secondary and higher) are also free, scholarships.

Decree after the birth of a child is one year, with continued employment and rate of wages.

Until years child is regularly paid allowance. The level of wages in the country makes it difficult for most Swedes to buy in addition to flats (or instead of) a house or cottage.

Many are afraid to buy it in installments.

If You are seriously going to get married in Sweden, then get ready in advance for the long wait and rigorous approach to the entire process. Because the Swedish legislation in this respect, one of the toughest. Fiancee visa is a special document for registration of marriage in Sweden - there is no, to marry You, arriving here on a normal visitor or tourist visa. Documents for this, of course, should be prepared in advance.

The exact list check with the Consulate, however, You most likely will need a passport, birth certificate and certificate of family status (proof that You are married).

They all must be translated and notarized. When the documents are submitted, it takes some time for their consideration.

If the papers all right, you with your fiance will be invited to an interview where they will ask questions about your life together.

If your feelings are sincere and intentions are pure, this stage any difficulties in front of you will not make. The interview will be a translator.

After the interview, the municipality will issue You a marriage license, Church or civil - in your husband's choice.

It is, however, not all. After the wedding You will probably have to leave the country, because even marriage to a citizen of Sweden not allow You to live here for a long time. You will need to return Home and apply for family reunification, which is issued at least six months. Then go to another interview, the results of which will give You a temporary view residence. With it, You can officially work and get free education. Need to renew it every six months. A full residence permit, You will be given through the year. In fact, the last time the Swedish men are increasingly looking for potential spouses carried out abroad. The fact that Swedish women are becoming more and more emancipirana begin to play the role of the main family member. Like it's not for everyone, and to be reconciled with such state of Affairs do not want many. So the marriage with a Swede is quite long ceased to be a distant dream - now make it not just possible, but easy enough. Just need to know how and where to look. The path of most - search for free Dating sites.

This method, however, has many hidden and very significant shortcomings.

By registering on these websites, You automatically agree that Your personal information be visible to other site visitors.

Of course, You can't be probed in some moments, however, so initially You will cheat on your potential groom, even if you find it on this site. By the way, exactly the same may come and Your partner - to personal meeting You are unlikely to get the opportunity to check, he pointed out the truth in all points of your profile. The administration of such resources is not able to verify the information of people - it merely provides a platform for her. That's why in the selection of suitors from abroad, it is best with the help of professionals - people who will give You a guarantee that Your partner is the one who wants to appear. Who are these people. Them, actually, despite the flickering here and there is not so much. And the preference is clearly for those services that have representation not only online, but"live"office, where you can come and assess the level of the company. In Kharkov, the largest such institution is the international marriage Agency. Having behind shoulders solid experience of formation of couples (working with year formed more than a hundred happy families), the Agency offers each girl a full range of services - from preparing interesting and attractive for men questionnaire to help with the paperwork necessary for travel abroad and registration of marriage there. The reputation of the Agency allows it to operate with a variety of men from all over the world. Among countries where girls have a chance to marry: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, USA and many others. Representatives of all these countries tested and fully pay for the Agency's work, allowing girls absolutely free opportunity to find your soul mate among the successful foreign men, who for some reason have not picked up a companion at Home. You have the opportunity to take this place, and most importantly - be yourself. Everything else. So you decided to try to build a serious relationship with a man from another country. Are there any special rules dictated by familiarity with foreigners. Mostly, of course, it's all the same rules You are smart, kind, funny, many find you attractive, but relationships with men somehow do not stack. It seems to be and compliments to do on a date invite. Only here beyond that it does not"Well, why are you always so sour, because we are fine I for you the cake smash, and you don't like it.Why are you offended so yourself.

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