Love on the Internet: how to marry a Swede

In Sweden, for example, women's rights are paramount

It seems that you won't have the problems you meet every dayWell, some truth in this. If you're tired of every day to fight for the right to a normal life, the Men in Sweden differ from the other Europeans a lot of patience in the matter of relationships. They are not too spoiled female attention, because Swedish women are very independent and are in no hurry to start a family. Yes, and on the relations between the sexes look very loose, although the priority still have great sex. That is why the citizens of this country crave simple human attention and warmth of a family, they want to come home and meet a friendly feminine lady of the house, and prepare a delicious dinner, and in bed warm, and that they, alas, are lacking.

Encyclopedic knowledge, which we are taught from childhood, not only provides an opportunity to better understand life and adapt to it, but makes interesting people.

Their countrywomen in this much inferior

The only caveat: you don't have to show he's smarter than his companion, it will not please any man, so do not expect that, after moving abroad, you are going to rest on our laurels. The house should be perfectly clean, the children washed and fed and so on.

Prepare for the fact that soon you will have to find a source of income even if the income of the husband allows not to work.

It previously had to register with the club, standing in line for an enviable grooms, the choice of which, frankly, was small.

Now, race, religion, profession.

If you have no experience in online Dating, be careful and don't treat everyone with an open mind. As they say, trust but verify. If a guy writes incredibly beautiful writing, not the fact that he does it for the first time, if he asks some personal information, avoid answers to such uncomfortable questions.

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