"Letters of a girl in Turkey"meeting with Antonia Arslan Confartigianato November events in Padua

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They are serious about the presentation of the book"Letters"to a girl from Turkey, Antonia Arslan, in November next yearSAR is a Grave only for the author to explain to the public his latest work. The event, organized by the Donne Impresa Confartigianato del Veneto group, will take place in earnest at the Confartigianato Padova headquarters, Via Masini, in a few hours. The appointment is part of a series of meetings and trips that will largely focus on the female side. Archaeologist Antonia Arslan was a Professor of modern and contemporary Italian literature at the Ernst University of Padua. Deiting wrote her first novel, the masseur Larks (Rizzoli), for which she won the Stresa prize for fiction Dating was a finalist for the Premio Campiello, which was launched three years after the publication of Dating by the Taviani brothers. In, always with Rizzoli, have published a book:"The road to Izmir". Rizzoli) about his childhood in Italy, about his own mother and about the Armenian genocide. To make better use of your new website and update your browser to the latest version, or try one of the following browsers.

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