Italian men and as an international couple, love

It will bring love and laughter to your relationship

Italians are a proud people, and both sexes know how to dress for any occasion to achieve the maximum possible effect - local designers are among the best in the worldSmooth and dignified, their wise attitude puts them at the top of the list of desirable men. Her Italian stallion has good manners and usually does a good job. Despite the fact that they can be fiery and energetic thanks to their Latin genes, they have to solve their problems in a matter of minutes, and peace and quiet return to the atmosphere. A relaxed lifestyle and"love"are fundamental to the well-being of all Italians. They are great cooks and great hosts, and their family traditions give them the opportunity to make sure that everyone feels at home. How and all Latinos, they are full of passion and know exactly what they want. An Italian can't be decisive or independent, but he is a person who loves his partner and makes sure that his relationship goes the easy way to success. Modern Italy sees a typical gender role of disappearance and loss of power, both men and women, to know and appreciate that cooperation between the sexes is essential for maintaining good relationships. Religion is an important part of their culture, and many, if not most, believe in God. Marriage is very common in this country, and respect for tradition and culture tends to distract from the altar. So if you are Italian, American or any other nationality, if you are going on a date with someone from Italy, be prepared for the fact that the partnership will lead to marriage. The Italian education system is modern and up-to-date, and most Italians, both men and women, take advantage of it. The love of fashion means that they they know how to dress to look their best - cool, elegant and fashionable, for both men and women. The Italian culture and warm Italian weather allow them to enjoy life to the fullest in a carefree, relaxed atmosphere. In every town and village, locals spend a lot of time in a lively bar that often spills out onto the sidewalk and watches passersby. Did you find a nice, friendly guy? If so, then welcome to a completely different world than the one you know from Western acquaintances.

Every nationality and culture has its own special variations, some good, some bad, Yes, even the good old American stereotype has more and less points.

What are the characteristics of boys in this beautiful, vast country? Italy is a medium-sized country rich in culture that closes like a leg from southern Europe. The Capital Is Rome. As we have already said, Italians love fashion, which can be seen on almost every corner the streets, especially in Milan.

They also love theater, festivals, art, good food and Mediterranean cuisine - one of the reasons why they are generally so healthy.

There are special dishes for different occasions

Many Western women like to exchange their native, all-American Italian boy Casanov. The reason is simple and well known to all Italian women: the men of this beautiful and Sunny land of love for life and for life, who give them everything they need in any situation. And the women of the United States will be happy to learn that due to their good manners, more Italian stallions can speak several languages, including English. So if you go on the most important first date with him, you can be sure that behind that beautiful bright smile there are a lot of interesting conversations. Eating is not only a necessity, but also creating and maintaining connections between family and friends when the Italian language is unique. When you enter the house of an Italian boy, you inevitably get an offer of food and drink, and that's quite normal. Breakfast usually consists of a roll of bread, butter, strong coffee and fruit or juice. Traditionally, a large lunch is served at noon, and in all regions, pasta is usually included in the dishes along with soup, bread, and perhaps meat or fish.

Dinner consisted of leftovers.

Recently, families tend to view dinner as the main dish in the family circle. The custom of Siesta changes, and an extensive lunch may no longer be practical. There are regional differences in what you eat and how food is prepared. Usually in the North, where the food is lighter, they eat more veal. The cuisine of the South has a reputation for being heavier and more consistent than that of the North. For example, there is a special bread of St. Joseph, Easter bread with boiled eggs, the"eyes"of St. Lucia on her feast day, and the feast of the seven fishes on New year's day. Wine is a routine and is served with all dishes. So if you fall in love with a man from Italy, you should also have a passion for wine. Classes and castes in Italy, there Are large differences in wealth between the North and South of Italy. In an industrial society, there are also ordinary social classes. Italy has a high unemployment rate and the differences between rich and poor are obvious, while new immigrants stand out because they come from poorer countries. In the past, the government supported an extensive social security network, which in recent years has been dismantled in accordance with European Union requirements. These budget cuts have affected the poorest strata of society. Division of labor by gender. Traditionally, the Italian went to work, and women tended the house. After world war II, everything changed quickly. While in some rural areas dominated by old notions of gender segregation and the dominance of men, Italian women are known for their independence, and indeed, in many anthropological and historical works, emphasizes that their the supposed past of subordination is often overestimated. Today, women participate in all aspects of political, economic and social life. Women have equal rights before the law, and they are allowed to attend University and work in proportion to their share of the population. A sign of women's independence in Italy is negative growth. However, it is also true that girls continue to perform many of the household tasks that they performed in the past, and even take on new responsibilities. The relative status of women and men.

In Italian culture, men enjoy privileges and treat them with respect.

Women were designated the"soul"of the family, and men were designated the"head". Men were supposed to support and protect the family, and women were supposed to raise children and be chaste, and not bring shame to the family. Today, everything is different, and the old gender roles no longer play a role in modern society. In General, women have always had more power than this traditionally attributed to them. Today, Italian women are often considered the most emancipated in Europe. In the past, marriages were made and women brought dowries. There are, however, subtle ways in which sons and daughters can persuade their parents to agree with the right person.

The poorer classes actually had more freedom to choose the richer classes.

Gifts could be withdrawn and often were.

Today, marriage is as free as in any other part of the world, and with the exception of those who join the clergy, almost all Italians marry.

However, in many families there is still a tradition when the child marries to take care of elderly parents. Divorce is forbidden until recently.

There is a lot of information about men from Italy: a little nice and a little, maybe it sounds a little scary.

But, as always, the best and really only point of view should come from your experience, because each person is different. Wherever you are looking and in which country in the country, you have a chance to find a knight in shining armor, but there is also a chance to find a Jack. If you are not Italian, remember that Dating outside of your cultural norms requires some adaptation. It can be a fantastic journey, but it also requires you to understand that you will not be able to change it if you are dealing with a trait that is deeply ingrained in your personality. While stereotypes are often somewhat correct, remember that every person is unique, and you shouldn't have someone else's expectations or needs just because they identify as part of a particular group. As a General rule, if you decide that you want to give a gift to an Italian just because you love pizza and pasta and hope that his family is like the Sopranos, be prepared for the possibility that you might be disappointed. I'm not sure I should date these guys. You can always try to find your soul mate somewhere else. How about boys from France, Austria, Spain or the Czech Republic.

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