Information in Swedish on the Swedish official websites

There is also an interesting booklet"Working in Sweden

So you come or plan to come to Sweden and collect the required informationA great source of information is the Internet, because all the services in Sweden have their own websites. All the information presented, of course, the Swedish language, but also duplicated more or less in the unfolded also in English. In addition, often information in other languages, including Swedish, usually in the form of files, or a General overview that can also be a good help for a first acquaintance with Sweden. It was therefore decided to collect all available in Swedish language information from the Swedish official websites and in every issue and introduce them to the Swedish reader. For the first release were selected three sites from which most of us begin their familiarity with Sweden - the website of the Migration service of Sweden, the site of the employment Services and the page of the Swedish social security administration Migration service is a Huge supermarket is the first Outpost on the way to Sweden to all visitors regardless of the purpose of the visit.

Immediately on the first page in the top corner from twenty available select your language and get information.

The Swedish language is given rather complete and detailed information in two main areas: working in Sweden and the protection and asylum in Sweden.

However, to view the job Bank and check, though in Swedish

While on the page immediately explained:"this is only part of the information. Additional information can be found on Swedish and English", which is true. A variety of online services, for example, to check at what stage of consideration is your statement, there is only Swedish and English. In the section about protection and shelter in Sweden, the Swedish language is quite in detail described the whole procedure, there is even a video about the different stages of the asylum, which clearly shows all the stages of the journey: from check-in to family reunification. The Swedish employment service is not only a difficult to pronounce name, but a pretty sensible site with valuable information about working in Sweden, different jobs and a large job Bank, where often come across jobs in Swedish. On the main services page in the top corner you can select the section where you can choose Swedish. There is a pretty complete information about what the employment service can help You, there are lots of ballots in the format of the system in Sweden, subsidies and so on. In the employment service are encouraged to register immediately upon receiving a residence permit in Sweden. For this you need to re-open the main page and find section” a “, write in the search engine box ““ (Swedish) and click (search). The screen will be all jobs where the word"Swedish", including work with the Swedish language all over the country. And then a dictionary to help you, along with a great way to learn the language. In addition, you can also call in and get advice in Swedish on the room - to on weekdays. The third site, it is important to meet in the first months of stay in Sweden, is the site of the Swedish social security administration. Here also looking for the familiar inscription, push and get to the page where among the more than other languages looking for Swedish and get to the page. Next you can choose the right category: Using the telephone in Swedish and English in the room, there you can book a time for a personal meeting with the employee Insurance Fund, which, in the case of your request, this meeting will be invited translator. In the next issue we will continue to acquaint you with information in Swedish. All suggestions, questions and comments please contact us at.

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