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The hero is incredibly selfish, Because he is always mentally Tired and patiently waits for Him to bring a good Place with good pay employees Respect their colleagues and treat Management well

Instead of searching, he immersed Himself in a virtual social Media chat and beautifully reacted Badly to his wife's Surroundings inside.

One man, he's an Itch and he trusts because He's the older brother, Artist, father and lover of A woman.

Young a woman tired of This life, away from her husband

But nothing remarkable during the Morning sting, searching for his Dead brother. The police consider it a suicide. My father, a strong and Unpleasant man, is sure that His son was killed: he Had a strong personality and Never committed suicide. From: John Makovetsky, Pavel Barshak, Agnia Perez, Catalina Villichenko, Vladimir Spitsko, Dmitry Ermak, Khan Sheredev And other online media in The Federal service for monitoring Communications, information technologies and mass Communications Russia. Vehicle registration documents.

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