Information about Pskov Pskov Region

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Pskov is an ancient city Svyaznoy, founded at the beginning Of the century in the Moscow Principality of mashinnoyeIt is not just a Valuable historical heritage, but also An important transport and shopping Center on the road to Europe today it is a Crossroads of important roads, where There is a lot of Cargo traffic. It is the capital of The province and region of The same name. Initially, it is positioned almost As an impregnable fortress. Historically, it is not surprising That the city has been The site of major local Wars and world wars. Cost Pskov only SV. Petersburg, it has always been An important strategic point for Filling settlements and fortresses. The population is currently More Than people-a thousand people.

It is a UNESCO world Heritage site

The area is home to Important religious monuments, including ancient churches.

The name of the city Is mainly associated with the Leakage of the river here Located in Pskov which means Sand, sand and others, during The creation of the first Settlements option-glossy, polished, and Then began to grow harmoniously And shows that there is Only one point.

But this is not only One of the well-known Versions of the city's Name, but it is also Considered official and included in The literature for the work.

There are many monuments in The city that you should see. The Pskov fortress and the Church of the Trinity Cathedral Are also a must-visit Destination. More than a thousand buildings Can also be seen in Past centuries they just walk The streets of the city. Interesting paintings in the halls Of the pagan Museum this Is a unique Museum the Exhibition pleases visitors with rare Works of art. Pskov icons are original and Rare, so it is recommended To pay attention in museums Or in many Orthodox churches. Interesting trip: from the towers Of the old castle you Can see the main architectural Masterpieces and fortifications. Meet and greet to match One of its squares or Piers, you can visit the Victorian cinema or the academic theatre. If you want to meet In a big company, then This is an ideal place Where there is a noisy And good atmosphere, a good Choice of drinks and entertainment: Billiards, air hockey you can Have a good meal in The bingo nightclub, and the Atmosphere is more relaxed, quiet, Great for dates and meetings. Disco is a favorite place For young people, entertainment and Concerts are held here. Bierhoff, known for its entertainment, Is where you can enjoy An evening of Striptease and Nudity with the winners and A cocktail selection. In the Pskov region there Are many similar establishments, in The summer it is worth See them in the evening In the Parking lot located In the city center. Many clubs and bars are Open, especially at night. The trend of recent years Is that the city is Thriving in the apartment and More and more foreigners, a Place where we can meet On the streets. Moments of relaxation.

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