I would Like to See in My life To live And, of

We need A safe And loyal friend

I would Like to See in My life To live And, of Course, much More along The sons Married, self-Sufficient, classics, Without problems Or liabilities They want To find Each other And live Mature, love And trust For the Time of Our livesI feel Comfortable around A strong Normal person In all Respects: educated, Without losing My taste For life, I believe That anyone Can create A good Mood and Care the Problem can Be solved With harmony, Common interests And the Desire to love. The reality Of communication And the Desire to Develop relationships, A decent person. Relationships make Sense if They are Better than Without them. If life Together is More interesting, Easier, more Convenient, more Fun, and So on. Plus, if One is More than two. Obvious interest In me, I don'T see The point Of immediately joining. A woman, Well, children Or adults, It is Better without independence. C age difference.

A person Deeply enjoys A life Of emotional Intimacy, support, And involvement.

A serious relationship. Ukraine is needed. I live In new York. Russian Spanish Ukrainian I Speak Spanish English and A little English. I am A very Simple and Easy woman. My profession Is a Psychologist and Business coach. I am Totally against Smoking, drugs, And alcoholism. I like The comfort Of home.

If a Relationship with A woman Brings pleasure

I love Men, I Love my Cuisine: scrambled Eggs with Pancakes for Breakfast and Grilled meat For dinner. I'm Looking for Something honest And good. I will Face an Old age That I Can rely on.

and let'S take Care of Each other.

mutual respect Is one Of the Most important Traits for People who Are tired Of being alone.

I meet Someone for Me it Can be Different a Kind, loving, Sensitive person, A supportive Person, a Person I Want to Live with, As crazy As you Are, for The rest Of my life. I know It's Naive to Look at Such places, But we All believe In miracles. If you Are someone Who reads And accepts And wants My knowledge Strong family, Lovers and Understand each Other, then Write-I Will tell you. I am, Before everything, A woman, To love And be loved. I like The way Life around Me is Bustling, because That this Is such An active And sociable person. I am A little On the Upswing and Very happy To join New experiences And acquaintances. Lady, sporty And naughty Girl at A party. My friends Tell me To smile It can Glow and darken. My dream Is to Meet a Pure, kind And gentle Devotee to Start a family. Like, a Woman with A bad Man becomes Strong, and With a Good happy One I Just want To be Weak, just Find the Woman of Your dreams, The girl Who understands Me, she Will come back. I'm Willing to Do whatever It takes To be With him.

I love Children, because Children are The joy Of life.

Ready for Action, ready To cover, I want To love And be loved. And you Decide how To proceed, Maybe I'Ll fall In love, And I'Ll be The only One and Not the Only one. In the Kievsky district. Here users Can view Surveys, for Free, without Registering in One place. By registering On the Site, you Will get The opportunity To communicate With people From the Region of Residence-not Only the Kiev region, But also Other regions And regions. If you Want to Find out, Find love, Make new Friends, make Friends, the Second half Of our Dating site Is waiting For you.

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