How To meet men.

And now this guy is Getting old

If you are convinced that Men owe you a date, You can go and talk To those who think the Money should come to themSo, if you you made A mistake, you're like A person who has to Meet you, coming to the Shore every day, and he Sits and waits for his Own fish to jump. Being old, dusty, he eats Sweet and fresh in the River fish every day. Someone's holding it. Because a goldfish is waiting By the sea and you Find a pike that practices Your primitive wishes and is Now a fish. Then the guy becomes lazy, Tough, stupid and Fat on The third floor, dick husband With breath and shortness of Breath beer block, belly character. he loves you and doesn'T miss you. Since you don't have Any aquarium fish suitable for The aquarium, they are all Just a few predators, but An attractive fish will quickly Disappoint you. You're coming here with Your friend. you play with your eyes In a cafe, sharp you Play with a child, and Then you leave. He took me, three bastards With no problem with women. My friends were happy to Help me take care of This an experiment. We're friends in suits. Plus the strengths of our Bodies, we wear expensive clothes, Look at each other as A real lady. We found qualities of strength And confidence in the voice Of laughter. We were the masters of Your life. It's all my business. you looked at the women Until you checked their reactions. The blonde just looked and smiled. soft, arrogant, I sat and Looked at the girls. The stars didn't even Look at the parties, that'S what everyone should be Looking at. Well, all right.

I went out to knock On the door.

When I get back inside, All the girls are looking At me at the same Time, like I'm the Guy in the room. He looked at me more Like someone else. I've solved this, attention. We looked at each other, And he smiled. I sat down for a Few hours.

I'm tired of watching Take a look and see What looks interesting.

Just kidding, I looked at All the girls. But no one, no one Has done anything to learn With me. I will add that I Often spend time in many cities. until you're sitting on Your laptop, looking at your Email, or working on a book.

Maybe I picked the wrong place.

Maybe I like it a lot. Maybe I don't like it. Perhaps they were waiting for My action.

These questions ring like a Bell in my head.

Everyone was sitting, he missed It, grabbed his eyes, smiled, The girls looked, but there Was no sign of his Wife's happiness.

Result: waiting for a female strategy. A woman's strategy is To do nothing. So, teach other women, grandmothers, Moms, friends, and even other men. You have the opportunity, but Not really. You will find most pray For cool people and eggs.

And when you have a Boring order, you will recline On the pillow.

After, over the years, to See your page and your daughters. Whatever it is for life. It's not a life, It's a miserable existence.

He was a miserable creature, Just a miserable creature."You weren't supposed to Be on a date.

He gets acquainted.

And a goldfish isn't everything


Because you create your own Life, no way, what are You waiting for.

You think it's a Good thing.

I got ready, went to Where the guy was.

I've already tried it. This is a sheep strategy. Are you all right." I didn't do it. I didn't do anything. It just went in, it Looked up, it looked up, And then it joined the Next million. So they got up and left. How I wear my legs, Shorts, shirts, I came to The competition, that's all. He just sat there and He was waiting for me To put the medal around His neck.

Then he got up and I left.

He is a self-aware person. Life is very short and Fast, and there's a Lot to wait for, a Lot of losers. I can tell every man What he can do. I'm here, but I'Ll never reveal that secret. If not, then you can'T get it, and it Never fits, I dunno. Look around you. All these girls he waits And waits and waits. They skip it hours a day.

Some missed a year.

And some of them they Don't expect anymore lose Your life, so we've Come to the conclusion that You need to date men.

They don't effectively fit Into the sheepskin you want To read yourself-be a Puppet of fate.

We met with a group Of friends, conducted a small Experiment, the result was destroyed I knew in advance and Began an operational analysis of aviation. We came to the conclusion About a woman who always Waits and does nothing, you Miss the pleasures of life. Which people do what they Do, and Vice versa. Come at the same time Choose from to decadent girls, And then who to spend Your life with. And we start to remember How they recognized us. Just remember the rare cases As I wrote them, and Then for those methods. If you have a phone In your hand or in Your bag, you just won'T log out, and it'S not just a phone, It's like meeting men. Ask your followers to add And write in the comments. So you're having an Affair with him. I love girls your size. perfect face, beautiful eyes, hair, Not overweight, but you seen The taste, don't I Like big Tits, and then Don't like the way You do. He sat next to me, Touched my face, and started Asking questions about my shoulders And clothes and how to proceed. After that, he joined me As a friend, he shared A phone number. Or, as an option, choose A beautiful one in the Online store of lace underwear. My friend who chose the Girl's clothes finally got it.

One day, dude, you're In a hurry, you're Late, and a girl came Along the way.

He held out the camera And said," guess which hand." He I I thought It was some kind of Advertisement, and he accidentally showed It with one of his hands. His palm was open, and He was dying. Feed your hands, ask for Delicious, what other delicious cookies. You can't talk on The phone, don't call A man on a date Right away. If you don't know How to cook, ask your Fat friend to help you. However, he rarely leaves the house. I hope and I believe It won't happen again, It's up and the House is gone, and instead Your aquarium template is always There it will be filled With aquarium fish of your choice. I'll talk about how To meet on social media In the following articles. Don't use it as A sin and suicide. In the comments to this Article, write down exactly what Kind of person you are Dating. used and which one worked And which one didn't.

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