How to Meet a girl.

We answer this customer question: Where do you want it

Where to meet correctlyBeautiful girls are everywhere, and Next time you don't Know where you'll meet The person you love the most. In General, meeting with a Desire is normal. He I've seen a Situation where men impressively returned Thousands of times at a time. And I'm sure he'S back, too, and he Wanted to talk to this girl. Another fact is that almost All men will appear by Chance, but they will pass. He will hesitate who argues With his man he had The leg materials and he Came and came to the Conclusion that there is no reason.

On the street, in cafes, Public transport, night club

Here's how you reinforce This myth about yourself, you Can consult if you want. Almost all men are estimated To be around, and they Don't date on the Street, in cafes, on public transport. These people are floating in The waters, they are inert And we can't contact them. A percentage of our entire Fig van is not required. These are athletes, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities. The girls are attached to Her, everything is going well For information I am in The case of a relationship, We consult. An article I would like To write for the remaining Teenagers, those who want to Learn something and are ready To do something. Ask if you have any On the forum: as you Meet a Girl, you will Get an answer with probabilities: Come and see.

Those who answer you are Trying to notice because they Once answered the same question In the same way.

They will definitely answer correctly, But not as much as I want to answer the question.

But at the same time, A few words about why It is important to be Able to meet girls.

Most men are restricted in My social circle. He writes Odnoklassniki, Odnoklassniki, works With colleagues, and friends.

And they go out.

he is in a tense Situation because there are very Few girls in these companies And likes more or less. And if a man is In this position, he misses The beginning of a relationship, A woman.

No, he will be the Leader, and they will lead them.

Due to the lack of These alternatives, many men I Agree in a relationship, because: The most suitable regular, albeit Mediocre, sex, October October, well, Etc, now there is no Better alternative.

When a child is as Interesting as just one or Two girls, you will be Addicted to their ideas.

If not, then what.

This uncertainty is what scares A lot of people, because You need to do something And you leave more content Out for less.

If you know how to Meet on the street, you Do it regularly, you can'T get your wishes sincere, Yes. Girls feel it,love hunters As winners. Yes, you're feeling better, too. for this purpose. He doesn't even talk, But it's very important To us that you feel comfortable.

But you, just like you, clash.

Tell us how to take The first step and how To respond. You can find a lot Of answers to these questions On the Internet, in different Cases, there are a lot Of first sentences in the Examples, but not easier. We'll find attractive articles, You'll get out of The house and get started. The girls aren't the Same, the mood isn't Bad, and I really understand. It's very difficult. And now I have two Pieces of news. Well, now I'll try To help you. This is bad, but it Will be difficult. And if in education I Can say the following: zapotam, That zapotam, then this article Will help you, I will Say: you do, but do it. Literature on a piece of Paper is the first sentence You say to a girl. Look on the Internet and Think it doesn't matter. Personally, I like suggestions that Consist of the Assembly: hi. Here's your guys, I Hope I like you, come On, come on, come on. You will be able to Enjoy the prices in prayer. And this phrase is prayed In front of the mirror Of the heart and soul times. Pay attention to your posture, Smile, and gestures. application form, which says it Sounds good. This job will definitely miss One, but many important ones. You want me to feel Comfortable in your meeting. So don't be lazy, Don't be lazy. just like you said.

Now on the street.

I won't write about Your fears.

I don't know exactly How to help myself: you Might argue to help yourself Or a friend for yours. But if you want to Learn and move. The arguments of these exercises Are absurd, and try to Meet with them regularly. Even Einstein described insanity as Doing the same thing as Hoping for a different outcome. So try something different, doing Something is one thing. And don't forget to Keep yourself in your normal Lifestyle and not out of Your comfort zone, just reading Online articles won't find You love. This is the movement that Should be there. The opportunity to learn how To cook has two components: Motivation and technology. The motivation we're talking About, and not the first One, if you read this One once you've had Some experience talking to strange Girls on the street, let'S talk about technology. I mean, it's important. It's important to understand That you don't have An account to like each other. This is the explanation Of Our coach, Miguel de ancho. Michael worked mostly individually, earning Him a lot of money Especially to learn how to Communicate with girls. And even in it, there Are failures. I personally saw Miguel, he Was an evil man. But, first of all, this Rarely happens.

Secondly, he is not strong In life and continues to Go out regularly.

If you read, you read. Maybe times, usually you leave The same Dating job only times. And if you stop at After that happy date you Will never have content. These are the basic rules Of the approach. they say that getting a Positive response from a girl Will be easier: now your goal. If he agrees to meet You again, he will be successful. Usually this is changing your Phone number. Simple images are always ahead Of other projects.

Therefore, it is important to Create interest and desire to Meet at the meeting, then You do not need to Click and throw in the Room, but shuffle.

Although there are exceptions: if You go a lot spontaneously, You can come up and Say it's spontaneous, but I saw it and couldn'T let it go.

It would be great to Meet again when no one Is in a hurry and Calmly drinking coffee to meet again. This flat style flat method Is a kind of friendship. Hey, wait a minute. I'm here with your Friends, and we're late, But I don't want To miss it, come on. let's go with you, See you in a week, Have some tea.

and let's see what You usually say.

Psychologically, this is easier, but The probability of interest is Almost nonexistent. It is very important to Implement characters here. male behavior, I will not Go into details, this topic Is another article. These are the rules I Wrote above during the operation. Yes, anything, anything you want. He talked to you emotionally, Said he wanted to hear Your opinion. After that, it means you Have to start talking if You want, put it again Before the meeting, share contacts. Remember, and dierrectino may suggest That you immediately reveal your Intentions and meet again and In context: talk about something, And then ask questions about The next meeting longer, harder, But usually more effective.

But the most important thing Is action.

Therefore, the forum Council should Come and meet with the believers. this theory is to empty The garbage in your head From the app. As you can see, it'S quite simple. In fact, it would be More painful, but this can Also be solved, it would Be a desire.

My job is over, yours Has begun.

All you have to do Is go out there and Do it.

If you can't anymore, I can offer our education For you.

Less exercise, he concludes, is money. The pros are that our Trainer weighs a lot and He won't get it From you or find out, And send it to us, And it was in the 'S, What I wrote at The beginning of this article This also happens, but rarely. If you want to find A girl, make your dreams Come true and take action. This is very important when It matters.

There is nothing about procrastination In your personal life.

Please do not forget to Allow people over the age Of to participate in our Courses-ask questions, call Dec.

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