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Of course being a rookie is always and everywhere difficult

Imagine that you are in SwedenAssured all the papers, formalized, received the right to reside in the territory of the country. The next step that needs to be taken that is to say, personal socialization. Simply put, we encourage you to become acquainted not only with people with whom you can communicate in their native language, but primarily with the indigenous people. Especially in Sweden and the locals, which is sometimes very difficult to understand. If you listen to at least half, a new life will start to improve much more. First, with the Swedes to communicate in their native language. To learn it is as soon as possible despite the fact that Sweden is recognized as most English-speaking country, the English language which is not recognized as an official. Let almost every Swede speaks English like a native, but for a better understanding of the culture it's better to know it. And to speak English only with one partner. When you are in the company, sooner or later all move on to Swedish. The year in Sweden there are a lot of courses of the Swedish language. As offline and online.

That is, the preparation for the move can be started well in advance of the move.

But even more interesting is the so-called"courses of exchange", when there are two partners, each of which would like to know the language of another. The advantage of this approach is that you learn the language with a native speaker, which is very important and you don't pay a penny for it. In response, you just teach another person their mother tongue. One day you realize that I know Swedish, and he or she your tongue.

But this will help seven great tips

Plus, with this method it is easy to get a friend in Sweden before moving. Sweden country those with a sweet tooth. If you don't like coffee or tea, you may not be fully Swede. And not only so, but with the obligatory cakes, chocolates and other sweets. To balance this infusion of calories in our bodies, the Swedes do a lot of sport and lead an active lifestyle.

Ice hockey is something of a national sport.

Especially popular in the North of the country. Playing or practicing such sports that require a partner assist to get new acquaintances and friends. But if hockey is not for you and you would like to leave their front teeth where they are, should try a less aggressive and extreme sports. Like tennis, is also popular in Sweden, or rock climbing. Yes, in the end, why not salsa.

To date one of the speedy ways to understand the autonomy and equality of the Swedes.

Perhaps these two characteristics have bullied them more than anywhere else in the world. For example, if you are a man, do not be surprised when a date or just pig coffee you will be invited girl. And especially don't get embarrassed when she offers to split the bill evenly. So it is accepted. If you will not invite on a date, and do you approach someone hesitate, in Sweden there are lots of Dating sites that help to establish relationships even the most introverted people, deep down, willing to open up to another person. For example, or. Most of these sites are free but offer additional services for money. Most of their users to communicate in Swedish, but sometimes appear in the questionnaire in English. If a date with one partner scares you shitless, you can try a group meeting for single people. On sites like regular ads appear on these meetings, the entrance to which is some very modest money. Usually on these sites you can see the meeting participants in advance. Device and the like very similar to the classic Dating sites, but they are much more fun. However, as themselves meetings.

Every week that usually takes several meetings, the themes of which usually do not intersect.

It's easier to find a partner with whom to be really interesting. If you come to Sweden for education, try to squeeze out all the juices. Sign up for clubs, extra classes, courses. Yes, just speak with strangers while standing in line for the microwave in the dining room.

New friends are likely to bring you a new invitation.

As a consequence of new large companies and once again new friendships.

Don't despair, even if the official purpose of your visit to Sweden is not education.

For example, the site offers about six thousand courses from the art of drawing up a family tree to courses"stand-up"comedian.

Travel is one of the favorite activities Swede.

And not so much in other countries as in his native country. The North, for example, is very different from the South not only excessive love of hockey.

Sites like will help not so much search the free nights, as in finding all new friends and establishing intercultural relations.

free Swedish portal, where users are grouped together, sharing the same interests. For entry into one of the groups is enough to choose your city, then join groups that you like. It's better than a social network into groups which can be people from all over the world. as online and offline together, integrating one into the other. For example, if you live in Stockholm, you can join the group of creative writers."It is very difficult to integrate into a new culture, but moved to Stockholm, and in any other European city, and the standard of living which is different from the usual. I recommend to pass the stage of wonder with the people that will wonder together with you and with whom you can freely discuss any difference."helps beginners get started in Swedish culture, in-depth study of the Swedish language. Helps, in the end, to find a job and integrate into the economic mine of Sweden. Also help website for people who decided to move to another country. Includes guides to more than cities, among them wormed four largest Swedish cities. On the website you can meet persons from your or any other country, ask them for advice or to assist those in need. It is important not to overdo the communication on the websites for immigrants. Away from country people can experience depression and it is better not to accumulate that feeling once again. But if you don't feel well, here advice to urgently contact that specializiruetsya to help immigrants. The Director of the centre, says:"Sometimes each of us need to stop and assess is done, by measuring it with what remains to be done. Sometimes done does not hold water, man withdraws into himself and it goes wrong. This is especially scary in exile. We help people to discover their abilities, realistically assess their own capabilities and not to despair, if something goes wrong."Make new friends very difficult.

So feel free to continue to speak their native language even if you want to immerse yourself in a new culture with your head.

Stay yourself, do not tear the roots, continue to communicate with other people in their native language. But do not forget that it is also necessary to establish contacts with the indigenous people. Play on both fronts and soon you will be able to build a new life.

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