How to find a man for serious relationships

Just a few years ago, no boy was all right

It just so happens that I see him, and his heart stops for a moment, and his mind starts to pick up thingsFrom this moment on, the female head lives and reigns with one thought: how to get a guy. I hope that he will pay his first interested attention stupidly, because he could have done before, but if this happiness did not happen, then you should take the initiative in your own hands. Today women are actively involved in this process they have no intention of letting go of their potential happiness so easily, just because their questionable moral standards prevent them from taking the first step. So how do you get a guy she really liked? In order to choose the tactics of courting a guy, you need to decide for what purposes it is necessary. Building a strong relationship with a person and easy, non-binding flirting continues in a horizontal position and two completely different goals that require radically different approaches.

So for the first option, you have to work hard and use all your imagination.

Young people are ready to be with a girl who is natural in everything. The fact is that this naturalness can be understood completely differently by men and women.

Therefore, boys must make sure that their girl looks great in any situation, and everywhere you can proudly present yourself to your friends.

The most the main thing for them is good care and girls. In other words, her natural beauty has led to such a state that she wakes up beautiful. This trick is not available to every girl. Being attractive is only the first step on the way to winning her, to reach the boy, only to the girl who visually pleases. The next step in acquiring the fortress, known as the big one, is to find common interests and friends in which the society can meet. You can be a football fan and spend hours discussing your heart team. In this scenario, girls need to know at least some basic things about the subject that can be easily attractive.

While a lot of makeup and men's clothing is annoying

The main mistake of all girls at this stage: careful study and interest in the external thread, and then presenting all the facts. Such feminine behavior of a man in a dead-end situation, and begins to feel stupid, because a woman in his field knows better than he does. The boy does not tolerate the superiority of women over others. So, how do you get a guy? Anyone who is willing to listen to many hours of compliments in their speech, even if they are flattering, even if they are not as subtle and not as beautiful as they would like. I don't think boys will take all the praise in their speech the way a woman wants them to. Here we must show our imagination and congratulate its object of conquest, we must focus on its real merits.

For example, to talk to a person who is too thin, his muscles playing in the sun, would be stupid and cruel.

But praising a young person for helping with one issue as well as another can be appropriate and effective. A beautiful woman is something that you can talk about and always appreciate, it is hardly possible to leave out the attention of interested boys. But it also happens that no matter how hard the girl tries, the expected result can not be achieved. The question arises whether to pursue a boy who does not react. the answer is probably no. such situations are quite normal. Just no there was an attraction to the girl, and this feeling can be created and maintained artificially for a long time is almost impossible. Then you just have to accept the idea that this hero of another novel, with an open heart and a big smile, will go in search of a new Prince.

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