How to create a slideshow using AVS video Editor

And follow the instructions below

If you want to create a slideshow from digital photos with our AVS video Editor, you can create a slideshow with various transitions between images, subtitles or comments, video effects, and audio tracksFirst of all, import the necessary photos and media files (for example, fragments of video or audio tracks used as background music) and place them on the timeline storyboard. Click the Storyboard button on the Timeline Toolbar to switch to the Storyboard view, which represents the order of added photos. To change the order of images, right - click one of the images on the storyboard and use the options from Left to right in the context menu (right-click). Sets the time during which the photo will be displayed on the screen. Select the desired image and click the Duration option on the Storyboard Toolbar. Enter the desired value in the window that opens and click OK. If you want adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, select it from the Storyboard toolbar, and click the Color button on the Storyboard toolbar To open the Color Correction window. In the Storyboard window, click the Transitions button in the center of the screen. All available transitions will be displayed in the Files and effects area. They are organized by category in the left part of the program window. To add some specific transitions, first select the two images on the Storyboard that you want to add a transition between, right - click the transition in the Files and Effects Area, and add them one at a time using the Add and Replace Transition option. To use the same transition between all photos, select Apply transition to all in the context menu (right click mouse button). To apply transitions in a random order, select the Apply transition in a random order option.

Adjust the transition duration by selecting the desired transition to Storyboard and clicking the Transition button on the Storyboard toolbar.

In the window that opens, enter the appropriate value in the Transition Duration field and click OK.

In this window, you can also see the transition you selected in the preview window.

Click the Text button in the center of the screen. Select the template text in the Files and Effects Area.

Drag the selected model to the time adjustment line.

To adjust the length of the text, left-click on one of the edges of the text block and drag it to the desired position while holding down the mouse button. Double-click the text block to open the Properties window. Double-click the default text in the preview area of the window that opens and enter the desired text.

For more information, please refer to our online help

You can also apply video effects to your presentation. Please, please refer to this guide to learn how to do this. If you want to capture images and add comments to them, click the Voice button in the center of the screen. Make sure that the microphone is connected to the computer's sound card. Set the recording parameters in the Record Voice panel, place the Timeline cursor in the desired location in the Timeline panel, and click Start Recording (Start recording). The button will turn into"Stop recording". Click the button to stop recording at any time. To add an audio track, click the Library button in the center of the screen and select the Audio category at the top of the interface. Drag previously imported tracks from the Files and effects area to the audio mixing line in the Time line.

If you want to create a presentation in DVD or Blu-ray format, you can also create a menu for the disc.

Tap the Menu button in the center of the screen. Make sure that the rotating disk menu option is set. Double-click the default style in the Files and effects area", to apply it to your presentation. Drag an image or video file from the Files and Effects Area to the workspaces available at the bottom of the program window. Select the title, change the background music, and set the number of chapters per page in the appropriate fields in the settings Area. You can also divide the presentation into thematic chapters. To add a Chapter, click the Chapters button on the left side of the program window, drag the Timeline cursor to the desired location, and then click Add On the Timeline toolbar.

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