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These women are not only independent, but also beautiful

If we talk about Swedish women, we can say that they are very independentWhen than so much that practically do a man's job: they run businesses, serve in the police and the army at the time, as they are men who devote their lives to raising children.

Most often, they don't live in the official marriage, because divorce is a very lengthy and expensive procedure.

Family Swedish women prefer to live in spacious apartments, and even better in the huge houses on the beach. If she is a single mother, the state provides allowance for raising a child until his adulthood, as well as a discount on the room in which she lives with children. Due to the Northern climate they have a very fresh bright skin and thick hair. In addition, they very skillfully used makeup to look as natural as possible.

And they really take care of themselves

Almost every Swede is a regular at the Solarium (especially if she's going to spend your vacation in warm countries and do not want to damage the skin by sunlight. But they not only the hunt for the criminals and turn their business, but also love to relax in the clubs. There, they often pay for themselves because you earn well. So men are hard to surprise, and often don't actually need. Despite the fact that they're from their employment are rarely home, every woman in the fridge full of groceries, and cooked dinner. And this despite the fact that they do not consider it necessary to stand long at the stove. If you are planning to go on a visit to a Swedish girl, then be ready to leave in two hours, because they have not decided to stay until dinner. And they really don't like to put his life on the discussion. Personal life is very private. Young people do not show affection in public places and especially not kissing on the street. For them it is very important personal space, therefore it is not very close to them to approach, because they will still release it yourself through setbacks. And they do not like rapid speech, which seems to them aggressively.

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