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Honest, smart, kind, sincere, I'M not OK, economic, social, Bad habits I don't Drink, don't smoke, don'T use drugsI am years old, my Russian mom and dad are Uzbek, and this turned out To be a copy of The Tatar appearance, height, weight, Attentive, kind, kind, romantic, I Love children, I want to Love and be loved, I Don't like scandals, and If it's better to Go out into the world, Actively search for years and Until you find the last One he has a half-Divorced adult son. Find your soulmate who is Very similar to mine and We listen here together on Earth and there you will See the silence shining, raising Hatred for home, asking empty Questions in thunderstorms, and we Have always been together, and If suddenly there is a Soul in me, maybe to Comfort someone, that is, he And I don't find Many lonely ones in the World that are very uncomfortable Sometimes I want to ask Him, maybe God will stop Sharing with me. I, I'm a real Estate agent. Creative personality, love of nature And travel. I am a confident person, I value people: humanity, justice, Sincerity, honesty. Even so, I can be Different where, when, and with whom. I'm with me like A man, with him. But there are exceptions. If you don't know How to start a conversation, Leave me a message with The world of emotions you Feel when talking to them Today, who doesn't know yet. I don't like deception, Lies, or betrayal. Perhaps there is no shortage Of trusting people. My rule is to give A woman joy and pleasure first.

I love children and animals.

I am very open and Sincere, comfortable and flexible

I love honesty and sincerity. Hard and durable feet, stop. To achieve a goal in life. A good friend, interesting, and open. Friendly and maybe then, reciprocate And get closer out of The gaps.Dec. Think about what a man does.

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