Free Friendship in The East Kazakhstan

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Positively, I am happy with The variety and, interestingly, I Am looking for a person Who can recognize the manifestations Of life and the life Around himReally strong, loving and kind. I just want to take Care of the walk and The fun and give warmth And tenderness to the person And the difficult moments of life. A serious striker and welcoming Guy for a long-term Relationship when they show that He is talented, they treat Their wife with attention and kindness.

He wants to start a family.

I don't want to Be married.

Widow or married man, my Age or slightly older

also because you are not Ready for a serious relationship.

I want socializing, active games, Things to do together, passions, Drunks, please don't worry.

Stop all passions that are Not life-threatening.

I want to travel and Children and grandchildren are not An obstacle, but peace of Mind and heart of joy.

That will sleep and Wake Up in your arms and I know you love me. And always together joy and Sorrow, illness and health.

In Eastern Nepal.

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