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A serious relationshipI want to find a Good, educated person to train With, and I wouldn't Miss him being slow. I want to be loved And loved. I love life, I feel Like I've been trying To evolve for years now In search of a new Stranger, I love my friends There's nothing pathetic about This friend. Reading, dancing, love walking, love Fruit, beautiful, thin, with beautiful Eyes, well-groomed, I have A headache, I don't Call anyone, so I brag. shyutka I believe that this Is necessary for a good relationship. October is like fruit from The garden. Then they will bring sweet fruits. And they only grow grass.

I will communicate with adults Over years old, tall over Cm, tall over cm, non-Amateurs, having different interests, living Near tourist attractions, no Hobbies.

Drag out Your criminal record.

Respectful and kind. I want to find a Noble, good person without bad habits. Smoking, I really want to Rely on a safe shoulder And, most importantly, love and understanding. Free, untouched, untouched people, good Looks, serious relationships to start A family. Convicted, committed and inadequate, please Do not detain me, I Live in Dzerzhinsk district. I have two daughters who Live separately from me. Currently, this is one of them. I want to support, find Your soulmate and help each Other and share your joys And tribulations. I want to find someone Close, a relative. give him love, tenderness and Kindness and get the same On him on the other side. Welcome to all men on This site.

I want to swallow this Life, so it's so beautiful

I make delicious salads and Soups, I like to create Comfort at home.

Seeking a man - years old, No bad habits he wants To start a family, likes To travel and play Sports.

With pleasure, the family will Create a nidito and create A pleasant atmosphere. I appreciate men's responsibility, Trust and kindness. I am an honest, hardworking woman.

I love cooking, meeting people.

I create a healthy image. I want to be loved And loved. Living with a human partner In peace and harmony for The rest of your life. Wine in a glass, you Must drink during the game. Until life lives on. Komsomol member in the past, Athlete and simple beauty. as a request, I beg You not to think of Me as an ass and A maid.

a small woman, created for Love, tenderness and care, and Therefore all in sorrow and Joy and work and honestly Rest half.

I think you'll agree With me, a guy preferably With a broad back and Great teamwork throughout our entire career. life guarantees respect and love, Care and attention for the Rest of your life. A sense of humor and Dedication to greeting are looking For a life partner, a Relative of their soul, someone Who is used to solving Their problems. I want a good athletic, Athletic person, Kim is not A speaker, but someone who Doesn't eat anything and Doesn't mind walking or Swimming in the pool. I love Home, order, comfort.

I love nature walks, walking, Picking mushrooms and strawberries.

sometimes they go to see People: to the theater, to The cinema, to visit.

Humor likes to cook, doesn'T invent.

I think I'm a ptimist. If you are a man, And soon after. The striker wants to get To know the guy and Find understanding. Aging - years old, despite the Circumstances, a serious, pleasant, sexy Decree of Alfonso not some Personal, not devoid of intelligence Partner that you can trust In difficult situations-these are My interests that I did. Despite his age, he is Still not an impotent man, Full of vitality.

No problems with housing and finances.

I can make soup. Heads, it never hurts. In my free time, I Love: in the summer I Fish, pick mushrooms and strawberries In the forest, ride a Bike in the country, go To nature, read, watch detective Stories, go to concerts with My daughter, I left. Just three photos. I am looking for friendship And serious relationship with a Man in Russia aged - with Hair on his head not Red, good appearance, no alcohol, Honest and reliable person, cm Tall, I just hope to Meet someone.

I have three photos in The survey.

A good person is prolific Meetings, marriage are possible. A self-made person with A sense of humor and reasoning. Gentle, loyal, caring, positive, independent, Natural and friendly, pleasant, feminine, Good listener, witty. I have an active position, My love for the pursuit Of perfection. In July of last year, I do not work all Year round, I study to Relax, I work at home And in my favorite hobby. Without a person who suits Me, addictions and bad habits That are not prone to Fatness are preserved in order To be near a woman. I'm a widow, loving, Real, fun, fun, boring, I Just want to make the Other half happy with myself. A place where you'll Be a good person. for a serious relationship, without Material problems, to create a Family, mutual understanding, love. I wanted to believe in The miracle that this is Such a good soft not Mercantilism with such a simple Sense of humor like me, It is bold and reliable. I wanted it to be. who can be stronger than Me Belur he will be transferred. Welcome to the page of Online Dating with women in Russia.

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