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A normal person, like all Young people in the country

I work in a restaurant, As a chef-waiterI love sports, football, table Tennis, swimming, badminton. I don't drink or Smoke, and I have a Healthy lifestyle. In a marriage, I do Not know, it can not Be children.

I live in Ukraine, in The mountains

I read a lot as You describe it, I can'T say exactly who I Am, so.

A bet can only meet With loved ones: idiosyncrasy, love Of Pets dogs, car, traveling With nature.

Meeting a serious, strong, confident Woman a confident, self-confident, Self-confident person who is Equal to indolktu and has Similar living conditions and priorities. It is ready for those Who have important concepts such As loyalty and dedication, love And care respond to it With the same confidence and Confidence, a person to go Through the past and life Of a wife, friend, lover, To be all over the Decree with such a person. Finding the right person is Easy, not an open-minded Person looking for a serious, Confident, confident, strong person with Similar priorities for living conditions. About me: honest, good, independent, Enterprising, social, responsible, no material Or housing problems, good health, In fact, I lead a Healthy lifestyle. I'm a simple person, I look normal. Communication with me is simple, Easy and not boring, there Is always something to talk about. Man, by nature, should not live. I want to find a Woman to start a family with.

Don't mind expanding the Circle of friendship and friendship, hi.

You are on a Dating Site with men in the river. Here you can view free Dating profiles of single men In the city of Dnipro Without registration. Outside of business hours, it Takes a few minutes to Be able to communicate with Children and children in other Cities live. Everyone who wants to meet, Find love, find a soulmate, Get married in the city Of Dnipro is in a Good mood.

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