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Designed for women and men aged and over, Im Over has in recent years established itself as the best and largest anonymous chat line in Italy for forty-fiftysomethingsYou are in a free chat without registration from free Dating, easy, simple and fast, with unique features, far from the generally accepted stereotypes of the Italian chat line. Nobility, style, friendliness and education are the basis of a healthy conversation, ease, joy of communicating with people, what is known or unknown, a virtual place where you can make friends make friends and meet new people. With little frills and no promises of special effects, the space amplifies the thoughts and words of people connected by a traditional-type chat text, where the use of dialectics becomes the best way to win sympathy and support. Of course, the opposite effect can be achieved, but it depends on the spirit with which a person enters the community, and on their willingness to build positive relationships with other people. Take it any way you like, socialize with some game, for many a pastime, a way to stay in society, albeit virtually, for others an opportunity to meet, or for singles a chance meeting with a soulmate. Whatever your reason for being in the chat is, experience it in a positive way. This becomes easier when you choose a room, with users in the same age group and with the same expectations. There are many channels in the network that are ready to meet the needs of the"most extravagant". In"Over Over"we like to think that we just want to be among respectable people. A room created on the private initiative of an Amateur does not have the goal of making a profit. As you can see, the site does not contain banner ads, but any ads inside the channel are placed on it. This guarantees the complete absence of viruses or malware, but it is recommended not to click on links sent by users present in the channel, unless you are sure that these links are harmless, for example, links to YouTube. Links and registrations are anonymous, and it is not recommended to provide unknown phone numbers or other confidential information. No one will be able to detect you if you don't provide your own information. The chat line is intended for users over the age of majority. It strongly recommends that underage users do not participate anonymously in the chat line.

If this is explained, even in the nickname, below, etc, proceed to immediate exclusion.

To get more information for more information about using the chat, please visit the special page of the State police.

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