Explore Serious relationships With men, A

in the future, firmly built But there is another trend

Meet a boy, a girl, A babysitter the Internet, like Many other services in this Industry, has long entered our lives

Many stories can be heard About how Dating through the Internet helped him find his soulmate.

According to statistics, the divorce Rate in, since this marriage Lasts no more than a Year, was more than. What's going on. Nano Industry Dating sites that Help you find others will Really be the most positive For you in the second Half of a relationship. Put an online Dating site For every person who shows A compatibility rating on our Site Nanning a serious relationship With you and so on To a new level, and All services on the site Are free. Most women have spent periods In their lives when you Wanted to find and meet A good guy to build A strong relationship. But this is not the case. The appearance of the girl Is beautiful: well-groomed, well-Dressed, excellent etiquette, good physical fitness. And men can see that They are paying attention to Him, but then the question Of the place of exchange Of opinions or a short Conversation does not change.

General compatibility plays an important role

And not all of them Are the same, and not Everyone can. And why don't you go. Let's talk about it now. So, about the inner situation Of girls who are difficult To recognize. What emotions interfere with a date. Let's look at the Four main things: disgust, contempt, Fear, and sadness. The girl watches the guy And makes a mistake in His head decisions about him. He doesn't know yet, But he's sure. this person may be an Alcoholic and poorly dressed, then A beggar, but a beggar For everyone. And usually this feeling of Disgust leaves a mark on The face of a woman And a man not only Sees, but also feels a Hostile attitude towards him. Most of them who have Already became a habit and Very little credit checking. This is especially successful or Independent of the woman. On the face, it often Shows smiles or smiling facial Expressions in an asymmetrical way. As you know, a person May not notice it. This reduces its value and Makes the situation unequal for you.

But none of the normal People want to put up With it.

And if a woman is Afraid of men, and they Take on the role of A protector, then the inner Fear bothers them and is unpleasant.

In women, this manifests itself In the head of the Grandmother's voice, whispers: Do Not go with them again, It will be like the Last time, do not expect From him, well, they will Give you what is called A sad expression, eyes are Stable and heavy walking. The girl shows all her Looks there is something that She has not yet recovered From past relationships and he Thinks in his head: no One will look at me, He goes just as well As the old walk differently And to him again, habits And nose crazy about him. In fact, all of these Feelings include internal isolation and Fears of women hiding in Some quarantine zone. And it's hard to Get rid of it, but It's very real. First, he doesn't know The person yet or has Bad thoughts about your initiatives Ask yourself if the disdain And disgust of meeting them Isn't something I've Decided to do. Why do I think so.

Start to understand that these Are the wrong decisions, because Nothing has been tested.

If you still don't know. Let's experiment with, say, A hundred dates, you'll Start Dating and connecting with Men who score between and Points on a -point charm scale. And you can be sure That many of them aren'T as bad as you Think they are. Yes, and this event will Help you learn to learn, Without fear, without prejudice, and Make your own conclusions after The Congregation, but not before. And the main rule of This experiment is that if Long-term plans are not Made at the meeting, men Just communicate, spend time to Their liking. And remember that men love Women after that, what is Easy and interesting for them Is not sadness, contempt and Many inner fears.

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