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Scientists have found a weak spot

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How to stop coronavirus. Chinese experts have discovered the Weak point of the coronavirus, Chinese scientists have found that When the highest peak is Around, the disease is very Susceptible to high temperatures. Moscow has banned mass events Due to the spread of Covid- OR other political events Operating in our country. In the appeal, officials were Asked to refrain from using Public transport during peak hours And to walk less in The shopping and entertainment center. After the Russian ruble is A sharp weakening of the currency. This trend has attracted the Attention of Newspapers and television journalists. Several banks said that citizens Have been actively reassuring the Dollar and Euro in recent Days, although this was earlier, During periods of devaluation it Often radically moved in the Opposite direction. The trend can be confirmed, And this was achieved due To the fact that some Banks have exhausted their ruble reserves.

Details-Grigory Kolganov.

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