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I think they are really nationalists, but they are not crazy about marriage, because Italian men, like Italians, often cheat when they have a wifeThis is why Italian women all over the world are looking for love. If you have light hair, just go to Italy, because you like blondes. But it's better to win a girl with your words on the Internet. A normal Italian girl has dark features. These are Italian girls on sites in Italy. This means that English-speaking people do not use them to their advantage. Communicating with women from one of these Dating sites can be your first meeting and conversation with a foreigner. This is a huge advantage, this is the"Hollywood effect". This means that you will get Chicks who come home to movie stars just because you are unique and different from the guy next door. If it is from the North, it will be more cosmopolitan. Even if an Italian girl from the South says that she is released, it is not true, she will cook for you and take care of you. The South is somewhere South of Rome, from Naples to Sicily. In the North, as in Milan or Venice, in the Alps, North of Rome, the Italian girl is liberated and most likely not too traditional. I prefer someone who loves and takes care of themselves, and I can be romantic, love and take care of myself, and they do the same to me. I would prefer an Italian girl from the South. Although the Italian girl from the South is often a bit bossy, which is exactly how they Express themselves and mean nothing, the truth is that I love you and give you warmth and kindness. If you fall in love with an Italian girl, you should learn the Italian language and culture of Italy. It's part of the package. I think it's crazy that Italy is one of the most liberal marriage laws in the EU. If you marry an Italian girl, then within a month you will you can in some cases be an EU citizen until you get EU citizenship, maybe they changed that, but at least two years I think you can get EU citizenship. This favours people who are looking for a marriage based on citizenship, rather than for love. The European Union is quite strict about the departure of citizens at the moment, and many men are trying to find an Italian girl for this reason.

I don't recommend it.

I think it is neither legal nor moral, because it can break the heart of an Italian woman.

Women from Italy love traditional romantic courtship and gifts and old-fashioned methods of winning a girl.

Nothing basic or primitive, rather poetic love phrases and words of love.

If you are trying to win an Italian girl, girls chat before you meet her try love phrases in Italian. My name is Michele, I am English and currently live in southern California, USA. I'd like to meet you Italian girl. Please let me know if you can help me with my research. I know it sounds radical, but if you're serious about Dating an Italian girl, go to Italy. In southern Italy, for example, there are many beautiful girls with good character. Stay there for a few weeks or even meet these girls. Italian girls who can be satisfied online, but not with so many candidates. Hello, many thanks for your description of Italian girls. I have a very beautiful Italian woman, brown hair, blue eyes, lbs. I'm looking for an Italian. Send me an email, if you are an interesting person, I will write to you.

I'm on the line.

Well, the Italians are all right. I think I'm great for marriage, I'm Catholic, and family and marriage, seriously, take care of your family. I've never met an Italian who was a bum. American women think they are good-looking because they have dark Mediterranean features, and this contrasts with the German-British gene pool of the United States, which has light features, so Mediterranean women are considered exotic. Italian men are cultured and many of them are sweet and know how to charm and dress women elegantly. Which brings me to the problem with the Italians. They know how to charm women, and girls are attracted to them. They get a lot of early attention. I remember growing up as a tall, thin, pale genius who read Jane Austen and the Lord of the rings. My Italian friend shaved, got ready and met with women, and didn't talk about philosophy. Italian boys were my friends when I was growing up, they all had women early and often, and by the time they were them, they were on a stable diet of attractive girls on dates. I was a computer freak and just started compiling and learning how to dress stylistically. The net result was that for about fifteen years I read philosophy and literature and only dreamed of my one true love, talking to Italian friends on the playing field. So if my Italian friends are more married, I think they are loyal, but some believe that having a lover is part of their culture. These are the ones who most often come from Italy. I think the world is changing and the cultural differences are becoming less and less, but at least in the past, Italian men were known for their martial arts business. even the French. It has something to do with this culture of love. There was an age of polite love culture. The mint-loving courtiers had married the same man, but at a distance they were in love with each other. Read the age of polite love and discover the origins of the Franco-Italian culture of love.

Or perhaps it goes back to the Roman civilization of antiquity.

But for me, as a Catholic, this is contrary to what I believe.

I believe in the same thing, and I am loyal.

So when you find an Italian who believes the same thing, it's a win-win situation. I think there are a lot of them. during the meeting, you will need to ask detailed questions, and you will get an answer to the question whether this person is in any case suitable for divorce or for cheating on his wife. This is the only problem I see in the culture of Italians. I think it's part of their culture not to get divorced, but to take their lovers away. But perhaps I was wrong. This is a huge generalization and cannot be applied to a person.

He is my inner man in search of Italian girls

I would be interested to hear about other people's personal experiences with Italian culture and Italian Dating.

I must say that this was a very impressive and honest answer from the textbook. In return, he deserves an equally honest answer. Since I became myself, you have left me some ammunition to argue in defense of my Italian colleagues, of course, but I am still giving the old College a chance. I would suggest that they offer themselves for the most part, it would be the same for any young and attractive man or woman) of any nationality. The main difference in that I have to admit that in Italy, are the shining example of men.

I never married young because I knew what I was like and could never do it for my family, now that I'm a little older, I feel like I'm in a monogamous relationship.

Here's a little advice: if he cheats on you before you get married, don't marry him.

Wait until he stops and comes back.

It fascinates me when women marry men who cheat on them over and over again, because they believe that such behavior stops as soon as they get married.

Here's the good news: with an Italian you will never get bored, the bad news is young, Italians get bored very easily, so keep him happy, I wink-wink-wink. If you marry a young Italian and he can't or won't, keep up with him, take care - you only ask for it. If you want the best of both worlds, don't marry a young Italian, just to wait for a little bit grow up, I say, a little, because we are never old enough, we all care about children, regardless of their age, there is, some people think that this is part of the charm. It must be said that not all Italian men cheat, but not all of them treat their wives in love like a Queen and offer them a life filled with fun. No one can deny the fact that we are primarily married men and that we all absolutely love all the women in our lives, just some of us, too many women love a little too much This is an interesting article and I have read a lot of information about the history of Rome since the Roman Empire. I had to write an article about it. What distinguishes the culture of Northern Italy from that of the South? What do you want from men who cheat on their wives that goes beyond me? I don't think that's right. I've never met an Italian girl, but I think it would be fun to meet her at some point. I always have there is a feeling that Italians are racially inclined towards foreigners, even in football I can see this. I come from Eritrea, which has been an Italian colony for many years, so everyone in my family has spoken Italian for at least several generations. But I was born and raised in Canada, so I'm canadian. I'm thinking of moving to Italy to live and work there, and even teach English abroad when I can. But Italian girls go on dates with black guys. Some do, some don't. It depends on how they were raised. I think Italians are a mix of culture and people.

In the South of Sicily, almost African in appearance, a little alone or in a mixture of characters from the island's history.

So I would say that this is a problem only if they are creating a problem and they know it themselves.

I would also say that those who care about your race are not the ones you want to date or hang out with.

So some will stay, and some won't no, they only meet people who are not the problem. I mean, I'm a canadian who speaks Italian, and you're black, and I think some of the girls in this unusual mix of culture and world knowledge are really the same people as Alexandra Dumas or Pushkin. I'm a one-year-old girl from Naples. Not all Italian girls are racists. Racism is part of ignorance, I can say that you need to find a good girl, maybe a student. Unfortunately, racism exists everywhere in the world.

For example, the same can be said about people in the ONLY States: but America is the most cosmopolitan state in the world, and the percentage of racists is high.

I can tell you that it depends on where you go to Italy: If you are going to a University city like Naples, Rome, Milan and many others, it will not be difficult to make friends. When it comes to the differences between North and South, Italian women agree: in the South of Italy, there is more care and research than in the rest of the world traditional family. A religion I disagree with: atheism and agnosticism are actually on the rise among young people (I and my friends are atheists. There's something else that's wrong: we're not all dark-haired. Many Italians are blonde, especially in Sicily. The Normans moved there in ancient times, so there is a large percentage of blonde and blue-eyed people living there, even more than in Naples, since we were conquered by the Spanish and southern French dynasties. I hope I've been helpful. I am an American who married an Italian woman a long time ago, and we have a child. We live in Italy, and I can say a few General things about Italian women, men, and Dating. It is also a generalization.

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