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If you want to have A good time and chat With models for every tasteErotic streaming service offers a Variety of high-quality audio Streams and free to pay More opportunities to communicate with Tools and convenient homeowners and Much more others. With real-time communication, the Model is an experience that Is radically different from a Preview shot of an erotic video. It just gives you the Opportunity to chat with any Girl, boy and couples via Video chat over the Internet, But it also gives you The opportunity to do it For free. It's erotic it's Interesting and just a nice Touch in just a few clicks. Mangocamera is not just erotic You can choose, buy, watch Videos according to your preferences. The basis of the difference Can be seen on the Website to buy, send a Request, contact, model additional services With real-time content and Even interact with them Oct. Log in to the site, The user can see the Main show, select a model, View the image and find Channels that suit them. The site has the most Girls and women, but there Are male and dual models. You can search later to Deconstruct by category.The decree by category can Be found by category. The types of mangokama December Are most similar to adult Websites, but there are many Options to surprise and interest you. Broadcasting is carried out independently For free models. No need to pay, just Look at the weather, you Can make a free account Entry made during the recording period. It is important. As a new user, when Registering, you will receive the First characters to test the Functions on the site. It's completely free and Accessible to all mangokam beginners. The user can watch the Entire broadcast online. On the right, there is A video and text chat Where the model can communicate With the audience the viewer, With each other.

First, you can select the Model's gender

As part of the publication, You can submit and send The main broadcast of donates As tokens Ask the chat staff. You will need a service To communicate via private messages. Walking this is called a Personal, individual session model with The client. This service is paid for, And the cost is determined By the model you want. As a rule, the more Popular the host, the higher His plate, which makes sense. Private consultation is available to Everyone and the prices are Always the same, the difference Between these two decomposition modes Is the first in the Observation mode, and not in The second. Peepers are a custom layout That is allowed by users, Someone who doesn't pay For a private one, updates Other users private session, just Checks and there is no Interaction with the host absolutely Not free. This is a full native Chat feature when ordering, it Is disabled and no one But customers and models can participate. It is important.

Mod model it responds to Customer requests and relationships with It without bothering other users, Only it can decide what To do and what not To do.

What actions the owner takes, Which he thinks is not Only impossible, but also punished According to the rules of Mangokama. In order not to spend Money even in exchange for A reward, by writing a List of actions that the Model has not completed. Usually, after that, what is Acceptable to send is saved To your account in the Chat and post description. Mangokama is a native monetary System, flexible rules and one Of the best services for Erotic communication with sincerely respected models. You can be sure that The housewife will not allow Serious abuse and fraud with Rare exceptions, stable technical support, But will be equal to Respect state power and site Management.

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