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I'm black an African living in Europe, in Italy, and I work every day except Thursday or day, just like everyone else, just like I am for them, all my family is in Africa, I live with my friends I am a little boy Ikenna Mile, an engineer, a bachelor has never been married, I love football, music, dancing As a meeting of serious peopleI am a black cue, I have skin because of very hairy eyebrows, I have wild chest hair I am a normal worker and I want my family I am an Italian years old, divorced, no children, tall, work for the Italian railway. Looking for a good girl, wants a family, wants a real man around her who thinks my name is Kelly, I love football music on the road, I love meeting new people, I'm a funny guy who's easy to fall in love with, I need a woman who can never hurt me again. because I've been in Heartbreak many times, I'm a friendly person and I joke really well and I hate lying I'm a chocolate dick with thin black skin hair of all colors. I am looking for a relationship that always makes me a happy and good behaved person.

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