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Read the news, horrifiedEspecially good horror stories about foreign husbands of criminals, with whom our naive women he met through a marriage Agency. a Lot of Slavic girls believe that once they Khokhloma on long nails, nice legs in fishnet stockings and any good looks that all customers marriage bureaus must drop yourself stacks of folded. In the correspondence, they are passive, attention to man and his interests do not pay, and prefer to describe self-esteem. Or all the pushes to the interpreter,"well write something, you know how"without attempting to learn at least basic English.

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Even worse is when a potential groom comes and leads into the restaurant for extensive discussions. The questions"how much do you earn"and"what gift is brought,"and then lean on alcohol and dish from the chef, because it had a freebie. So marriage brokers for the brave or desperate, and the Swedes as a nation of careful due diligence at every step. Katerina: I hate Myself. Pulls, pulls from the man, and then wonders why she's not happy.

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