Belgium, Watch Online in East Flanders, City center, Around

The sticker comes with a Temperature sensor

Fixed sensor tag

This place has a special Float and automatically sends information About the water temperature.

More accurate and up-to-date.

Using this tag, you can Get a report

Our vehicle mounted sensors will Instantly measure the exact temperature For water enjoyment every meters away. You will receive data every Hours during your stay on The boat. When clicked, the label shows Boat tracking with all water Temperature measurement points on the map. When you click the mouse, The temperature and measurement time Are displayed at the same point. The court checkpoint tag, but At this point it will Be updated automatically.

Check out the latest update Times on satellite data labels Will fly at us on Many weather satellites and take Photos temperature of the Earth'S surface-we will show This data.

Information for the last day And shows only the big Picture Mark it with the Old data for each tag That is not updated for hours.

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