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But my Tanya is not only beautiful, but also intelligent

"When I come home after work, I know I won't be waiting for a boring moralistic evening,"says Antonio, a divorced man in his late sHis new favorite half is a Russian woman."If she did it, "When I come home after work, I know I won't be waiting for a boring moralistic evening,"says Antonio, a divorced man aged about years.

His new favorite half is a Russian woman."If it wasn't interesting to me, I wouldn't pay attention to it.

With her, I can easily discuss any topic, even those that cannot be discussed with Italian women.

But when she feels better, when she's silent, that's the way it is, because somehow she intuitively understands it."All men who are married to women from Russia and the former Soviet Union say that Russian wives do not complain about anything and always keep the house in order.

And often they are not limited to housework: they have excellent adaptability and are ready to do any job.

We try not to be a burden to their husbands, even if they are relatively protected."I have a fantastic wife,"says Massimo, owner of a chandelier shop in the center of Northern Italy."- We met during my trip to Russia, and it was love at first sight.

Ira, up to but they were suspicious of me, and I couldn't believe that such beauty could be alone.

What qualities of your wife, according to Massimo, does he value most?"She is a serious, responsible, sweet and modest person, she helps me in the store and raises her children,"he said. Ira and Massimo, have created a family in which two teenagers - Ira, children from a previous marriage in Russia-get up. Now that he's grown up in a house full of love."Ira is the right woman for me, and I hope that I am the perfect husband for her, who will meet their expectations,"Massimo said proudly. In General, Russians and Italians are perfect for each other, because they have a lot in common, and it's easy to find a common language if they both want to. Most often, after marriage, a Russian woman decides to move to Italy. Like most Russian women, who consider Italy the most beautiful country in the world, Italy as a Western country is very developed, unlike Russia, where only Moscow and big cities are good for a comfortable life lives. But there are also Italians who have decided to move to the territory of the former Soviet Union, which is now fashionable in Italy. If a man wants to be happy in marriage, and not by nationality, what qualities does he forget best? It should not be boring and monotonous, passive and sluggish. In love, only a part of the person can be selfish, which is responsible for their love, but selfishness should not extend to the partners. People should complement each other, approach each other, and always try to find a compromise.

At the same time, a woman should not be selfish

But here you need to respect the measure and not go to extreme measures. Both the one who lives together as if he is still one, and the one who forgets about himself for the sake of another, are wrong. Two personalities must exist in balance and harmony with the others. Russian girls are desirable for their beauty and femininity, as well as for their country, culture, literature, great writers, classical music, traditions and education. And all this culture somehow thus formed the image of a woman. Female beauty, as well as the mentality of all peoples of the world, is impossible to comprehend even for life. In this case, many people choose Russia. Unfortunately, the people of Italy do not mean anything to"Russia", including the former Soviet republics, which are now Autonomous and have their own culture, which is sometimes much larger and less authoritative. In February, most Russian women dream of a marriage proposal and what is expected from Italian women on this day. Valentine's day is for romantics and marriage, and the offer is very serious and effective, not for this day. Vacation is just better to make a girl happy. How to make your girlfriend happy - it's individual for everyone, there is no recipe for how to make a woman happy all women in the world at once.

This depends on the preferences of each woman.

What should a Russian woman do to attract a man abroad so that he wants to marry her? The person should feel that she shares with him world. This does not mean that they share everything: thoughts and passions for each other dissolve directly into each other. Sharing the world means being on the same wavelength to understand quickly and without words. You know how it is: one thought the same thing and the other said the same thing. Alternatively, he and she can simultaneously text each other and start from the same message. To be in different places, they suddenly thought the same thing and decided to share it with the next person. This is called telepathy, or simply a close emotional connection that allows the impulses to sense another person even from a distance. Obviously, a woman should share at least some of her men, her passions, but a man should adapt at least a little to his masculine ideal. Every man chooses a woman for himself - and, of course, unconsciously feels what should be, even if it is impossible to explain it in words.

They know the tone of voice, the taste, the kiss, the smell of their skin, various shades of appearance and character traits.

If a woman is beautiful, feminine, well-endowed, has her"I"and other interests besides the desire to marry immediately, if she pays attention to the details, both external and internal, she has every chance of finding a beautiful foreign girlfriend.

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